The P Cultivation System Chapter 51

Chapter 51: I am the l*st goddess part 2

“How do you know about my dream and about the l*st goddess?”

Ravi was originally a patient and cunning person,

 So he doesn’t jump into conclusion very quickly.

Mohini immediately thought of a story and said

“I was the l*st goddess,

I became like this because of a curse you have.

Now help me remove the curse and regain my beauty.”

Ravi looked at her doubtfully and asked

“How can you prove you are the l*st goddess and not some witch?”

Mohini know that Ravi would ask this very question so she has already prepared the answers for the question. Mohini said

“Do you still remember all of my body that you saw in the dream?”

Ravi thought of something and said

“Yes I do remember.”

Then he looked at Mohini’s entire body that is still naked from top to bottom.

His gaze stuck at one place that is Mohini’s slit that looked so beautiful from her ugly appearance.

Then he suddenly remembered Mohini’s slit was very similar to the l*st goddess’s slit that he previously banged.

While he was in daze thinking Mohini spoke

“You have realized that my slit and the l*st goddess’s slit were similar right.”

This very question proved that Mohini was the l*st goddess that Ravi previously saw in his dream.

Ravi subconsciously nodded his head.

Then Mohini spoke

“In order to break the curse and return back my beauty.

You have to bang me in that hot water bath tub and c*m inside my slit.

Will you do that for me?”

Ravi put on a cunning sly smile and said

“What will I get in return for helping you remove the curse?”

Mohini’s expression changed a little listening to the shameless words of Ravi.

He is the reason for the curse and he wants something in return for removing the curse. Mohini gained her composure within a moment and said

“What do you want in return for helping me remove the cures?”

Ravi spoke with a sly smile and said

“You should become mine for ever and I want you to grant me an eternal youth and life.”

Mohini and Rose were laughing internally but on the outside Mohini put on a stern face and said

“I can be your women as long as you live.

 But as for granting you eternal life and youth,

I don’t have the power.

Still I have for you to get them but first help me remove this curse.”

Ravi was a little skeptical and said

“Then make an oath…”

Before Ravi could finish what he wanted to say Mohini said

“I hear by take an oath that I will be Ravi’s women as long as he live….”

Mohini did not take a true oath and all this is just a bunch of nonsense to make Ravi believe her.

After some time of rambling of Mohini, Ravi finally believed Mohini and decided to help Mohini remove the curse that she spoke off.

Mohini has already decided to kill Ravi, raju and cal after she got what she wanted from them.

The oath she took was a bunch of nonsense to make Ravi fall into her trap.

Mohini and Rose started to laugh because they have successfully pulled Ravi into their scheme and as long as they can make Ravi c*m in her.

She would receive 10,000 quest points, Ravi on the other hand ignorant of Mohini’s schemes so he went along with Mohini’s story of curse.

In order to arouse Ravi’s meat rod completely Mohini started to suck on his meat rod. Ravi just stood there and let Mohini suck on his meat rod like an ice cream bar.

After few minutes Ravi’s meat rod is fully erect.

Mohini lead Ravi to the hot water tub then both of them entered the hot water tub.

Mohini slowly sat comfortably in the hot water right on Ravi’s crotch.

Mohini slowly opened her slit lips with one hand and used the other hand to adjust Ravi’s meat rod to enter her slit.

 After that she slowly slid Ravi’s meat rod inside her slit.

This passing of the thick meat rod caused Mohini to let out a sweet hotty moan that aroused Ravi a little.

“Shaa” “hum”

Ravi was still doubtful of Mohini’s identity as the l*st goddess from his dream.

So, from start till the end Ravi did nothing,

He just cooperated with Mohini that is all.

Mohini started to shake her hips up and down sliding Ravi’s meat rod in and out causing to increase the pleasure for both her and Ravi.

Ravi suddenly spoke

“It is the same sensation and tightness.

You really are the l*st goddess from my dream.

Since you really are the l*st goddess from my dream let me help you.”

Then Ravi placed his hands on Mohini’s boobs and started pinching her cherries.

This increased Mohini’s pleasure further and the hot sensation of Ravi’s meat rod and hot water formed synergy.

Ravi also started to move banging Mohini a little causing Mohini to have an orgasm, after few minutes Ravi finally c*mmed in Mohini’s slit.

“Ahaa umm”

At the very moment Mohini felt a great pleasure, this pleasure gave Mohini some special benefit that is her main cultivation jumped to the next level that is level 22 while her body cultivation jumped to level 4 of the beginner stage.

Along with these there is a notification saying Mohini received the quest reward of 10,000 quest points.

Rose immediately used the controller skill to block out Ravi making him forget everything regarding Mohini.

Mohini came out of the bath tub then ordered raju to open the bathroom door then Mohini ordered Ravi to go out.

She then gave both Ravi and raju a command that is to go to another room to wash up then come and wait for her near the bathroom door…..

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