The P Cultivation System Chapter 50

Chapter 50: no pain only pleasure

After that he split open her legs showing her glory back hole and slit completely.

At that time some white sticky fluid was flowing out of both of her holes.

He then straight away plunged his meat rod into her slit and started banging her again.

Mohini’s was currently very sensitive so as soon as plunged his meat rod into her slit she has another orgasm creating a very pleasurable sensation to the highest peak.

All of her limbs became numb but she is still conscious and letting some very hotty moans arousing Ravi more and more.

At that time Mohini broke to the second beginner stage, making her body even sensitive and l*wd.

The specialty of Mohini’s body cultivation is that she will not fell pain and only feel pleasure in place of pain.

At the same time the regenerative capacity of her increases as her body cultivation increases.

Ravi started to slap on Mohini’s glory back forming two red hand prints on her glory back then her continued to pound her glory back hole and slit alternatively for over 5 hours in various positions and angles.

When it is nearing 5 hours of time Ravi was almost exhausted and the effects of the allure pill is also fading away as the time limit of the pill is just 5 hours.

At that time Ravi finally c*mmed in Mohini’s slit and his meat rod has lost all the power, his erection has gone down and the meat rod became 5 inches again.

At that time Mohini was also exhausted so she casted the controller skill on Ravi to stop him.

 The quest is already complete 2 hours ago.

Mohini received all three thousand quest points and along with some extra quest points for some other things.

Mohini reached level 21 and she also her body cultivation has reached level 3.

On the other hand Zen was in the process of upgrading from level 3 to level 4 within the game system.

Ravi stopped and stood to the side of the bed, while was completely exhausted and was resting on the bed unable to move her limbs temporarily.

Mohini ordered Ravi

“Unlock the door from this side.”

As soon as she gave the orders Ravi did as he was ordered and unlocked the door then came back to Mohini’s side and stood there.

Mohini then ordered Ravi and cal to open the door outside and come in.

They both did as Mohini said;

They opened the door and came to where Mohini is.

Then they stood beside just like Ravi.

Mohini ordered raju to clean her slit and glory back hole.

Then she ordered Ravi to prepare some things for her so that she can freshen up.

Then she ordered cal to prepare food for them after washing himself clean.

Mohini also ordered them to not to go out of the house.

As soon as she gave the order Ravi and cal went to do their tasks,

While Ravi stood on his knees then pulled Mohini to the edge of the bed and inserted his fingers into her slit and remove all the cum.

This still aroused Mohini but it did not drain her stamina instead she was slowly recovering her stamina because of the l*st energy.

This is due to the l*wd god body reaching level 3 of the beginner level.

No one on or under the mortal level 30 can harm her that easily as before.

Her endurance and stamina were of the level of people at level 30.

So she was happy.

After some time Mohini recovered some of her energy and she can move her limbs now.

Ravi has already come into the room and was ordered by Mohini to wait.

Mohini slowly stood up took the things to wash her up.

Then she ordered cal to not prepare any food instead she ordered Ravi to make food orders of the items she wanted.

At the same time Mohini sent cal to inform the watchman to receive the food while Ravi pays the bill. 

Ravi immediately took out the money Mohini said and gave it to cal sending him to inform the watchman.

While sending cal on a mission Mohini kept raju and Ravi with her.

They stood outside the bathroom. Mohini was shocked to find bath tub in the bathroom.

She quickly filled it up with hot water while she did the other things.

After the bath tub is filled Mohini wanted to have a nice comfortable time bathing but immediately a quest popped out saying

“Get banged in the bath tub by Ravi till the cums inside Mohini once, can use any skills or any methods.

Completing the quest gives 100 quest points, completing the quest without any skills gives 1000 quest points and completing the quest without any skills or pills and with the complete consent of Ravi will give 10,000 quest points.”

Seeing the number of quest points Mohini’s eyes lit up.

She opened the bathroom door and called Ravi inside and then ordered raju to lock the bathroom door from outside.

Raju did as Mohini said locking the bathroom door from the outside.

Mohini observed that Ravi’s meat rod became strong again.

This also made her remember the entire incident where she was continuously banged by Ravi for 5 hours straight.

Mohini removed the controller skill on Ravi who was still naked.

As soon as he came back to his senses he saw Mohini which caused him to feel disgust because of the ugliness of Mohini.

He immediately said

“Who are you why are you in my bathroom?”

Mohini was a little panicked and said

“Do you remember the l*st goddess in your dream?”

Ravi immediately thought of the dream and asked doubtfully

“How do you know about my dream and about the l*st goddess?”

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