The P Cultivation System Chapter 5: Hot assessment test

Chapter 5: Hot assessment test

“You said that you have merged with me completely how can you still talk?”

Mohini asked

“Even though I have merged with you in both mind and soul

I am still a different person you can consider me as your other half that has consciousness.”

Black rose said while laughing

Black rose continued

“But one thing is certain that is we are destined to be together forever from now on even if you are to be reincarnate.

I will still be by your side no matter what from the time we merged together.

I am you and you are me.

We are a single entity that can feel through soul and read everything that the other person has on mind.

So be content with this as this is our future from now on.” (By Souryourer Fate)

Listening to what black rose said Mohini finally realized the reality in front of her and accepted the truth. Then she said with a serious face

“From now on we both are one entity we will make decisions after both of us decide on the things from now on.”

“That’s right we can be considered a couple from now on.

 There is no husband and wife between us we are just a couple that will rise to the top of the world with our l*st hehe.

I never thought that I will get a partner for my never ending l*st.”

Black rose said while laughing.

“Well since I have this system everything will be based on the some l*stful Per***ted activities so yes,

We will become partners with this Per***ted system we will raise to the top of the world.”

Mohini said with a blushed face.

 While Mohini and rose are talking to each other 3 well build men appeared out of nowhere in front of Mohini all three of them are completely naked with big meat rods that stood like towers.

At the same time all three of them are devoid of emotion on their faces.

Then a new message appeared on the light screen in front of her saying

“Assessment devices are ready please taken off your clothes and say

“Start assessment”

When you want to undergo assessment and

If you want help removing clothes please say

“Help start assessment”

After you ready yourself”

Almost immediately Rose said

“Mohini say help start assessment it will be fun”

Mohini was already embarrassed to the point of becoming red but listening to Rose’s suggestion she turned as red as a tomato.

But still she mustered up her courage and said

“Help start assessment”

After she said that the three men came near her and started to remove her night dress and her underwear leaving her to stand completely naked in front of the three men.

The three men moved the bed to the center of the room.

One of them got on the bed his meat rod towering upwards the other two men stood on either sides of Mohini lifting her into air holding her shoulders and slowly placing her on the man that was on the bed.

They both hold her in the air with one of their hands while one of them opened her slit lips and the other moved the meat rod of the person on the bed into her slit.

During the entire time Mohini was so embarrassed that she could make a single sound and stood stiff.

She moved her body instinctively as the men moved her when one of the men opened her slit lips she instantly moaned.


Then they slowly plunged his meat rod completely into her slit causing a slight amount of blood come out of her slit because of the broken hymen.

This caused Mohini to cry out because of the sharp pain and tears trickled down her eyes.

At the moment after a brief gap another man plunged his meat rod into her glory back hole behind her.

Finally the third man stood on the bed and inserted his meat rod into her mouth filling all of her holes.

Till all of her holes are filled they did not move at all but as soon as all of her holes are filled all three of them started moving banging all the three holes of at the same time.

Mohini started to moan with pleasure from all the three holes.

The pleasure was so great that she did not tone down her voice at all without caring if anyone from the other rooms heard her moans.

But to her surprise none of them cared about this at all because she was so ugly all the other people avoided her completely so no one bothered about the sounds from Mohini’s room.

After 3 hours of continuous banging of all of her holes they finally stopped. In these three hours she came more than 10 times but none of the men came at all.

Soon all the three men vanished into thin air then the system showed a notification on the screen.

Unfortunately, Mohini was very much exhausted to the point of fainting on the bed.

Previously she woke up in the middle of the night when she discovered she came back in time.

After sleeping till late in the morning she finally woke up, even though she was in the hostel none of the staff came to wake her up, also none of them in the school even bothered about her that include teachers.

After she woke up there is was a light screen in front of her similar to the previous light screen that showed the instructions last night

She remembered the entire thing that transpired last night causing her to blush till her face turned red,

Because that is the first time she had felt so much pleasure and happiness in her entire life.

“That was a wonderful night Mohini it has been a long time since I had something so rough you have designed such a wonderful system…………….

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