The P Cultivation System Chapter 49

Chapter 49: I am l*st goddess part 1

It grows into a big meat rod with almost 8 inches in length and 2 inches in width.

Ravi’s meat rod is almost as big as Zen’s meat rod.

Mohini observed this through her detection skill.

Ravi rubbed his hands to warm them up then got on the bed slowly so that he doesn’t wake up the beauty on the bed.

He gently placed his hands on Mohini’s boobs massaging them lightly.

This caused a little pleasure to Mohini so she let out a light moan.


The sensitivity of Mohini has aroused Ravi even more. He increased the intensity of his massage on Mohini’s boobs and started to pinch Mohini’s cherries.

At the same time he started to suck on one of her cherries.

This aroused Mohini very much and let out a few more moans.

“Ahaa” “humm” “haa” “umm”

At that time Mohini opened her eyes with a look of panic.

But this is all just Mohini’s acting.

Ravi who noticed Mohini waking up pressed her down a little with his strength and said

“Beautiful girl tell me your name?”

He said this while pinching Mohini’s cherries.

Mohini spoke with a low voice

“I am called Mohini a l*st goddess.

Ahaa! Did you like my body?

Do you want to bang me?”

What Mohini said shocked Ravi very much and said

“You are such a Beautiful lady l*st goddess.

I want to bang you as long as live.”

Then Mohini spoke

“Then bang me all you want.

This is a dream I created for you and as long as you bang me you will be in the dream. If you stop banging me you will be sent out of the dream.

Bang me as you like.

Satisfy all of your pent up l*st using my body.”

There is a huge smile crept on Ravi’s face and said

“I will bang you forever.”

Then Ravi directly kissed Mohini on her lips, while one of his hands is kneading Mohini’s boobs while the other hand made its way to Mohini’s slit.

He started to rub her slit lips causing Mohini to let out some sweet moans. At that same time her slit started to get a little wet.

In the mean time Ravi started to such on Mohini’s cherries again.

After that he went down all the way to Mohini’s slit and started licking her slit and sucking on her secret cherry, while his hands are pinching Mohini’s cherries.

After few minutes he started rubbing his meat rod into Mohini’s slit.

Mohini has already activated her main cultivation and body cultivation right after Ravi laid his hands on her body.

She did not activate her steal skill because of one special reason.

Ravi was at mortal level 68, so Mohini want to use this level of power to increase her body cultivation and also main cultivation with the extra powerful person.

This is the reason why Mohini did not activate her steal skill on Ravi right now.

Mohini also decided to not to go to hostel till she completely dealt with Ravi, Raju and cal.

On that very day is annual day of her school but not going the school annual day is the decision Mohini made for herself.

Also from the next day for an entire week is a preparation holiday for her for the second year high school final exams.

So she decided to skip the school annual day to complete the work at hand and directly attend the school for the exams.

Coming back to current time Ravi is rubbing his thick big meat rod on slit lips of Mohini, while pinching her cherries.

After that he slowly inserted his meat rod into Mohini’s slit causing her to let out a loud moan.


Then Ravi started pounding Mohini which created a l*wd sound whenever he moved in.

“Plup” “plup” “plup” ……………..

“Plup” “plup” “plup”……………

This turned Mohini face to turn red with shyness.

At the same time Mohini received continuous sound of notification of her experience points of body cultivation increasing.

As for her main cultivation she needs Ravi to c*m inside her to get any experience points for the main cultivation.

“60 experience points of body cultivation received”

“60 experience points of body cultivation received”


Ravi banged Mohini for nearly 10 minutes before Ravi shot out his c*m into Mohini’s slit.

“100 experience points of main cultivation received”

At that time Mohini also had an orgasm with a loud moan.


Ravi pulled out his meat rod that made a “plup” sound.

Then he flipped Mohini and made her stood on hands and knees just like a dog, where her round plump glory back is facing Ravi.

His meat rod is still erect just like a tower.

He directly plunged his meat rod into Mohini’s slit, without even giving a warning to Mohini causing her to let out a loud moan.


“Wait I am still sensitive”

Mohini said

“No, I cannot stop banging you.

 If I stopped banging you I will be thrown out of the dream. Is this a test for me l*st goddess.”

Saying that Ravi started to bang Mohini even harder causing Mohini to let out a series of hotty moans




“Bang yes”


Sometime later Mohini’s legs gave away as she falls flat on the bed.

Ravi did not pull her up instead he also got on the bed, pulled open her plump glory back then plunged his meat rod into her glory back hole.

Then he hugged her and then started pounding her ferociously.

This continued for some time after cumming in her glory back hole he got off the bed and then pulled Mohini to the edge of the bed.

After that he split open her legs showing her glory back hole and slit completely……..

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