The P Cultivation System Chapter 48: the effects of allure pill

Chapter 48: the effects of allure pill

Mohini immediately remembered something and that she have brought some pills for a similar quest previously.

She started planning for the quest the maximum quest points she can receive is 3000 quest points and the minimum quest points she receive is 1000 quest points.

No matter what the number of quest points is quite high.

Then she thought of using the allure pill because of its special effects.

Raju used the spare key to open the door letting Mohini and cal walk inside. Mohini ordered raju to take her to Ravi’s room.

Mohini immediately found that Ravi was actually at level 68 because of her detection skill. This discovery has shocked Mohini very much.

She was happy that she has previously raised her controller skill to level 10 if not she would not have been able to control Ravi.

She cast her control skill and Ravi stood up and walked towards Mohini then opened the locked door of his room from inside.

Mohini used the controller skill under the effect of the detection skill through the door to control Ravi who was sleeping.

Ravi has the habit of locking his room door before sleeping so raju was unable to open the door for Mohini.

So Mohini used her controller skill to control Ravi to open the door from inside.

After Ravi opened the door he stood to the side letting Mohini and others inside.

Mohini ordered raju and cal to stay outside.

She also gave another order that is to tell the servant that today is a paid holiday for them so they can just go home and come tomorrow morning.

Ravi’s room is air conditioned and added with sound proofing.

There won’t be even a small sound even if someone lit a fire cracker inside Ravi’s room when the door is closed.

So Mohini was not that worried that the watchman would hear any sounds.

Mohini suddenly remembered something, so she called raju and cal and said

“Tell the watchmen to send away any person that wanted to visit today the reason would be you all went to a vacation somewhere.

After you are done with that rest outside the room on the floor and wait for my command. Also lock this room door before you go to the watchman.”

As soon as Mohini finished speaking raju closed the door and locked the room from outside.

After that raju and cal went to watchman and conveyed Mohini’s message along with granting paid holiday for the servants.

After that they returned to the house locked all the doors of the house.

Then they came before the Ravi’s room door and slept on the floor beside the door.

While all of this is happening outside Mohini went and sit on Ravi’s bed.

Ravi who was under her controller skill stood in front of her.

The room was air conditioned which is quite cool and comfortable not too cool or not too hot the temperature is just adequate.

Mohini was still completely naked sitting comfortably on the bed.

She then opened the inventory and took out of an allure pill from the three pill set that she previously bought from the game store.

Then ordered Ravi to take off all his clothes, Ravi has a huge build with plenty of muscles.

No one will believe that Ravi was an old man that was over 50 years old.

Cal is also of same age as Ravi but they both look like they are in their forties.

This shocked Mohini a little other than that Ravi has a well developed body unlike cal or raju.

His meat rod is long and thick almost like a wooden log. Since it is morning it was rock hard even without being erect.

His meat rod is almost 5 inches without being erect.

Suddenly a thought came into Mohini’s mind

“This Ravi’s meat rod is 5 inches without being erect, how much will it grow when it erect completely?”

Mohini gave the allure pill to Ravi and ordered him to swallow the allure pill.

Ravi who is under the control of Mohini directly swallowed the allure pill.

The allure pill has a special effect that is it not only makes all the opposite l*st people around the person that ate the pill think they look beautiful,

It also make the person that ate the pill feel like he is dreaming, so Mohini want to use this special effect of the dreaming sensation to make Ravi bang her.

After 10 seconds Mohini removed her control on Ravi to see the effects of the allure pill.

As soon as she removed her control on Ravi he came back to his senses.

Before he came back to his senses Mohini acted as if she was sleeping on the bed naked.

Ravi came back to his senses and looked around.

He is in his own room and right in front of him was a beautiful that looked like a magical fairy sleeping on his bed completely naked.

Then he looked at his own body that was completely naked too.

He spoke with a light voice like murmuring

“What a beautiful dream! I should bang her to my heart’s content.

It has been over a month since I get to bang and it has been few years that I got a chance to bang such a beautiful lady hehe.”

Then he went near the door and locked it shut so the even though it is a dream he don’t want the beautiful lady to run away.

After that he slowly came near the bed and looked at Mohini carefully.

Since he is under the effects of the allure pill the Mohini in front of him looked like a heavenly princess that was out of this world.

Mohini was sleeping facing upwards showing her front to Ravi.

Her boobs and slit everything of her front is completely visible to Ravi.

His previously sleeping meat rod became erect.

It grows into a big meat rod with almost 8 inches in length and 2 inches in width.

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