The P Cultivation System Chapter 47: another quest

Chapter 47: another quest

But because of the loss of mind stat points he is taking a little longer to do the task.

Mohini asked cal

“Cal, do you have any secret savings or something like that stored here?”

Cal nodded his head and brought in some cash around 20 thousand dollars. There are no other valuables. Mohini took the cash and said

“Cal, bring your bank account pass book and also bring your clothes that you left in the ware house.”

Cal went to bring his bank account pass book and his clothes. In the mean time raju completed the task given by Mohini.

Mohini went and pulled the chair that raju was sitting on in front of the computer then sat on his lap observing the data on the computer screen.

But before she started observing the data on the computer screen she pulled raju’s hands from behind her.

She placed one of his arms on her boobs and the other arm on her slit then said

“Massage my boobs and slit.”

He did as Mohini said. Mohini enjoyed the pleasure of the massage while observing the data on the computer screen.

Mohini was not only a Per***ted game designer but also a professional hacker on the same level as world class hackers.

Because she was ugly she did not have any support or back ground.

When she looked at the details of the computer she found that the features of the computer are the most advanced to this time.

Then she focused on the bank account details of raju.

She found that raju has a balance of over hundred thousand dollars.

Mohini immediately started to work creating some fake accounts for herself in a nameless foreign bank and connect it to few servers of the world.

Using this she transferred all the money in raju’s account to those accounts.

She has transferred this money through few tens of accounts to finally depositing them into her account. This was all done in just half an hour.

 From this speed of doing things one can tell how powerful of a hacker Mohini is.

After that Mohini did the same thing to cal’s account.

After that she shut down the computer and packed it up placing it in the inventory.

She also took all the cameras in the room and placed them in the inventory.

After completing this it is already 4 AM in the morning, Zen was already upgraded to level 2 and is currently upgrading from level 2 to level 3 in the game system under Mohini’s orders.

Mohini rechecked everything and confirmed that she has completely taken everything she wanted.

Then she ordered raju to take her to his house.

There is a car outside that belongs to raju.  Mohini has already made cal and raju to wear their clothes.

Mohini was still completely naked standing near the car.

She was shivering from cold. She ordered raju to unlock the car door then got inside.

After that she ordered cal to open the front door of the warehouse entry to let the car out.

After that she ordered cal to lock the door and come and sit in the car beside her. She ordered raju to drive to his home.

Normally it would take raju just half an hour to reach his home but because of the loss of stat points and skills he took the car slowly for an hour to reach his home.

In this one hour Mohini was not idle.

The back side of the car is wide so Mohini ordered cal to bang her in the car he unzip his pant and pulled out the nicely erect meat rod.

It was already fully recovered from the effects of the sedative and is now at the peak of the power.

Mohini turned around facing cal placing her legs around cal’s waist while he was sitting on the seat. She was cold previously but it was all gone now.

Cal slowly pulled Mohini closer inserting his meat rod into her slit.

This made Mohini’s boobs around his mouth.

Mohini pulled her boobs and placed the cherries in cal’s mouth.

Cal bit on her cherries while sucking on then. Mohini was shaking her hips on her own.

Also the road and many ditches and holes caused the car to rock,

 This caused the cal’s meat rod to move violently in Mohini’s slit creating ecstasy of pleasure to Mohini.

This has gone for an entire hour till they reached raju’s house.

By that time cal’s meat rod was completely drained.

Mohini has already enquired raju before and know that there is no one at home except for his father.

The front doors have a watchman who recognized the car and opened the gates.

 The car has tinted glass so they easily entered the house without being noticed by the watchman.

Raju parked the car in the garage.

Then stepped out of the car, there wasn’t any one in the surroundings so Mohini came out of the car still naked.

Currently Mohini’s detection can sense within a range of 30 meters around her.

So her detection range covered the entire house.

The servant will come at 6 AM and it is only just past 5 in the morning.

There is no one in the house except for Ravi who is sleeping in his room.

As soon as Mohini came to the house she received a quest from the quest assistance page.

The quest is for Mohini to make Ravi bang her without being under any of Mohini’s skills the reward of the quest is 1000 quest points,

If she did not use the seduction pill for this she would get 2000 quest points and if she let Ravi bang her as he pleases she would get 3000 quest points.

The quest time is 3 hours. Mohini immediately remembered something and that she have brought some pills for a similar quest previously.

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