The P Cultivation System Chapter 46: special salute

Chapter 46: special salute

Even though watchman cal was in Mohini’s controller skill there are still some tears falling from his eyes.

This shows how much he has actually loved Veni but the dead cannot be revived.

At this time owner raju arrived dragging carrying a box. After placing the box he left again can carried another box.

Those boxes are made of metal and have 3x2x2 feet dimensions.

Mohini looked over using her detection skill and found that these boxes are filled with money and many precious materials.

After bringing the third box owner raju finally stood in front of Mohini and said

“Miss Mohini these are……”

Both owner raju and watchman cal did not call Mohini master because they are in the controller skill but not slaves that are brainwashed so they do things casually.

Owner raju know Mohini’s name so he called her Miss Mohini.

Owner raju was interrupted by Mohini before he could say anything and Mohini spoke

“You first have to salute to me before reporting”

This was the idea given to Mohini by Rose.

Immediately owner joined his hands in the form of salute and again started to give his report but was interrupted by Mohini again.

“That is not how your salute to me.

Come over here I will tell you how to salute to me.”

Mohini said

Then owner raju slowly moved in front of Mohini and stood there waiting for what Mohini was about to say.

Rose said something to Mohini and Mohini spoke

“The salutes for me are you first pinch both of my cherries and while pinching them lick my slit and secret cherry 3 times this is the salute.

 Then while reporting you should continue to pinch my cherries and place your face in the licking posture at my slit then speak the report.

Also every time the report is done continue to lick my slit until I said stop. Do you understand?”

Owner raju replied

“Yes Miss Mohini.”

At the same time Mohini ordered watchman cal to stop massaging her slit and only massage her boobs leaving her cherries for owner raju to pinch them.

Owner raju came near Mohini then knelt down after that he placed his hands on Mohini’s cherries and pinched them a little harder causing Mohini to let out a loud moan and she even little c*mmed a little making her slit a little wet.

After that owner raju moved his head towards Mohini’s slit and liked her slit and secret cherry 3 times.

Then owner raju spoke with his neck still buried between her legs and his mouth on her slit

“Miss Mohini this is all the black money and valuables that is stored here by me and my father Ravi.”

Saying that owner raju started to lick her slit as if it was an ice cream bar.

Mohini asked

“Where is your father Ravi? Is there more black money at your home?”

Raju stopped licking her slit and said

“Miss Mohini father is at home right now.

There is still some black money and valuables at home.”

Saying that owner raju started to lick Mohini’s slit again.

Suddenly Mohini got an idea. She ordered raju to stop licking her slit and cal to stop massaging her boobs.

Then she stood up slowly removing the thick meat rod of cal that was fully erect from her glory back hole.

Then went near the three boxes, with just a single touch she stored the three boxes in her inventory.

Since she did not open the boxes the money and valuables are not stored in her currency and valuables page.

 After carefully examining the entire warehouse for other useful things Mohini went back to the back room followed by cal and raju.

After entering the room Mohini asked raju.

“Raju bring me all the sedatives that you have that can arouse a person l*stly or induce sleep or lose control of themselves.”

Within few minutes raju bought all the things Mohini asked. Mohini stored them all in the inventory.

Then she went to the computer that was placed at one corner of the room and asked did you store all the videos of the women that you banged till now in this computer are there any copies or backup files.

Raju did not answered instead he walked to the front of Mohini then knelt down, placed his hands on Mohini’s cherries pinching both of them at the same time,

Then buried his face on Mohini’s slit and said

“All the files are stored in this computer and few hard disks at home as back up.

There is also another backup in the internet cloud space.”

Saying that he started licking Mohini’s slit while pinching her cherries harder

All of this happened in an instant and the sudden incident caused Mohini to panic a little but it was all turned into pleasure soon after raju pinched her cherries a little harder,

Also the licking of her slit has almost caused Mohini to lose balance and fall backwards.

Mohini snapped out of the pleasure by Rose then Mohini said


As soon as Mohini said stop raju stopped licking her slit and released her cherries, then stood to the side. Mohini sighed a little then said

“Switch on the computer and remove all the passwords that are protecting the files, erase all the files in the internet cloud that are as backup.

Then give me all the data regarding all of your victims, after you are done with this open the online banking of your account.”

Raju immediately sat in front of the computer and started to complete the tasks given to him by Mohini.

But because of the loss of mind stat points he is taking a little longer to do the task.

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