The P Cultivation System Chapter 45: the story of watchman cal

Chapter 45: the story of watchman cal

After that she came into the ware house naked through the connecting door.

While I am patrolling the warehouse she snuck up on me while hugging me from behind.

I was also a bachelor at the age of 22 who is still unmarried and frustrated l*stly similar to her.

She was also of similar age to me.

As she hugged me from behind it ignited my l*st and desire to have her.

Then I turned towards her and saw that she was completely naked in front of me.

This boosted my l*st to the peak and wanted to bang her no matter what.

Her bountiful boobs, slender waist and milky white skin made her look so beautiful that I almost couldn’t hold myself from the desire to ravage her.

I hugged her tightly then saw her gently unbutton my shirt buttons.

Then we shared a very passionate kiss. I lifted her up and took her to the back room then placed her on my bed.

I removed all of my clothes and stood naked in front of her.

The look in her eyes when she was looking at my meat rod is like a hungry beast saw a meat stick.

She immediately pulled me on to the bed and pounced on me like a tigress and started to suck on my meat rod very passionately.

 I have pinched her cherries causing her to moan then I turned around and started to lick her slit.

This aroused her even more causing her to have an orgasm.

After that I have banged her the entire night and even the entire day next day.

From then on we started to spend all the time Ravi went out on the name of business trips.

Veni was very angry regarding Ravi for him separating her from cal purely to enjoy her body for few days.

This caused her to make some schemes against Ravi one of them is to have a child from me and make a fake proof of DNA certificate that the child belongs to Ravi and her.

For this thing to happen she first used some sedatives to make Ravi lose control and then fall asleep on the bed at their home.

That day Veni called me to her home at night.

When I arrived at her home she invited me through the back door into her house.

Then she took me to their bed room where Ravi who was sedated was in deep sleep.

Veni was only wearing night robes and underneath she was completely naked.

She told me that Ravi will be like this for another 10 hours and then asked me to bang her on the bed where Ravi was sleeping.

After saying that she removed her night robes showing her beautiful body causing me to lose myself looking at her beautiful body.

This kind of situation where I bang the girl I love in front of her husband on the very same bed has aroused me.

So I took of my clothes and started to bang Veni on the same bed where Ravi is sleeping.

Even with all the commotion caused by me banging Veni and loud moans of Veni has not woke up Ravi from his sleep.

That night is a very pleasurable night.

On the next day before dawn Veni sent me out of the back door.

I made my way back to the back room of the warehouse using my vehicle.

On that very same day Ravi was made to believe that he had banged Veni all night long.

This was done through a small play of acting by Veni.

After sending me out of her house Veni returned to her bed room then took of her night robes.

After that she removed all of Ravi’s clothes then sucked on his meat rod to make it stood up like a tower.

Then she moved him so that his meat rod was placed in Veni’s slit very deeply.

She also moved to and fro a few times so that Ravi could shout out his c*m in Veni’s slit.

After that she placed Ravi’s meat rod again in her slit deep and tightly so that it won’t come out easily.

Then she hugged him and acted sleeping.

When Ravi woke up he saw that his meat rod was tightly stuck in Veni’s slit.

When he tried to move the meat rod came out of Veni’s slit along with a flush of white sticky stuff that is c*m of me, Ravi and Veni.

When Ravi’s meat rod came out of Veni’s slit it made a small sound.


This has aroused Ravi a little.

“Ravi is also in the peak condition as the one that actually banged Veni was me and not him.

He turned around and started to suck on Veni’s boobs and started to bang Veni almost till evening that day.

He did not stop even when Veni said she was exhausted.

In the evening he again went on a business trip for over a month.

From that day on I banged Veni every single day for an entire month.

Even when there are people in the shop or the warehouse at least one of my fingers would be in Veni’s slit or her glory back hole if not I would be massaging her boobs.

Similarly Veni’s hands are always on my meat rod.

 This was all planned by Veni.

She planned this so that she would get pregnant by me.

This secret affair has continued for a month and finally Veni became pregnant with my child. Then she informed Ravi that he is going to become father.

Ravi thought of the night and day he banged Veni and accepted the truth.

But unfortunately she died giving birth to raju.”

Even though watchman cal was in Mohini’s controller skill there are still some tears falling from his eyes………..

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