The P Cultivation System Chapter 44: Raju is my son

Chapter 44: Raju is my son

She received the food and ate the food while moving around and collecting other materials that she wanted.

After taking all the materials Mohini required she went to owner raju and asked.

“Where did you hide all of your black money?”

Owner raju spoke like a robot

“All the black money is stored below that heavy container”

Then he pointed his finger towards a huge container.

Mohini ordered owner raju to

“Bring out all the things he has hidden that are black money, gold, diamonds and other precious things that he has hidden here in the warehouse to me”.

As soon as she ordered owner raju went to complete the task.

While watchman cal stood beside her like a guard. Mohini went to one corner of the warehouse where there are chairs and table similar to an office.

Watchman cal followed her like a servant.

When Mohini was walking naked she felt a little cold because it is winter season.

When Mohini sat on the chair she felt cold all over her body and abruptly stood up. At this moment Rose got an idea and said

“Mohini let me handle this thing.”

Saying that Rose ordered watchman cal to remove all his clothes and place them on other empty chair that was meant for guests.

Then Rose ordered watchman cal to sit on the chair. His meat rod is still down because of the after effects of the pill he previously took.

But still it has already been 3 hours since then so his meat rod rose up lightly.

Rose said Mohini to sit on watchman cal’s lap.

At the same time Rose ordered watchman cal to insert his half erect meat rod into Mohini’s glory back hole.

While Mohini was sitting on watchman cal’s lap he slowly moved her inserting his half erect meat rod in Mohini’s glory back hole.

Mohini let out a light moan.

Because of the succubus blood, the l*wd god body technique of body cultivation and her own cultivation technique her body will be very sensitive and almost everything that is even a small touch at the right spot can arouse her creating a very pleasurable sensation for her.

There is one more thing here that benefits Mohini that is the experience points of her main cultivation and body cultivation will raise by at least 1 point for every few minutes.

Even though it is negligible it is still raising her strength a little.

Then Rose ordered watchman cal to massage her boobs and slit with his hands so that she don’t feel cold.

Watchman cal immediately started to massage Mohini’s boobs and her slit with his hands.

This caused Mohini to let out few light moans.

This is something light so Mohini did not spend any of her stamina instead because of the l*st energy her stamina was requiring a little quickly this includes her spirit points too.

When watchman cal inserted his meat rod in Mohini’s glory back hole, she remembered something and said to Rose

“Rose previously we thought that the meat rods of watchman cal and the owner raju looked similar right.

Now we can get some answers for that question.”

Rose also remembered this and Mohini asked

“Watchman cal why is your meat rod and owner raju’s meat rod very similar is there a relation between the two of you.

Tell me everything in detail.”

Watchman cal was silent for a moment and said

“Miss, that owner raju is my son.”

Watchman cal called Mohini Miss because he doesn’t know her name.

The words watchman cal said that owner raju is his son has shocked Mohini a little but they have already expected this answer so they came out of the shock pretty quickly.

Watchman cal continued

“Miss, owner raju’s mother and father were my classmates. His father’s name is Ravi and his mother’s name is Veni.

I and Veni loved each other but that Ravi used his money to make Veni’s family bend to his will and made her marry him.

But after few days he lost interest in her, he started going out with other women. He even made a few secret affairs in other places where he married them too.

Veni doesn’t have any children from Ravi as he lost interest in her so he never coupled with her.

Instead Ravi started to get intimate with other women that he secret married behind Veni’s back. Veni became very angry because of the behavior of Ravi.

At that time I came to Ravi for a job because of a necessity.

He gave me a job as the warehouse watchman. At that time because of the frequent business trips that is to maintain his secret affairs and his other wife, Veni has to come to the shop to maintain the shop.

At that time we met again. After meeting me, Veni changed a little and became emotional.

The reasons were quite simple they are firstly Veni was my previous lover and the second reason is her husband is mistreating her very much without paying any attention to her l*st needs.

After some time Ravi went on a long business trip and at that time Veni was in heat and l*stly frustrated very much.

That day is a weekend and the next day is a holiday. She sent all the workers early in the evening.

After locking the shop she personally came to the back room of the ware house.

This back room is my residence as the watchman.

After coming here she asked me that she wanted to use the bathroom.

But before going in she ordered me to go check the ware house through the back door.

After she went into the bathroom she completely removed her clothes.

Then came out completely naked and locked the exit door of the back room.

After that she came into the ware house naked through the connecting door.

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