The P Cultivation System Chapter 43

Chapter 43: clean your c*m yourself

She stood beside the bed making some stretches to feel, if her body needs any more healing.

After that she started to check all the notifications she received.

But before checking any notifications she felt a little irritated by all the c*m in her slit and glory back hole. Suddenly Rose gave an idea to Mohini

“Mohini they have c*mmed in your slit right then let them clean it for you.”

“What do you want me to do?”

Mohini asked

Then Rose made some commands to both owner raju and watchman cal.

After both owner raju and watchman cal stood up then they brought a stool that has cushion on it.

They placed this stool in the center of the room then lead Mohini by hand and made her sit on the stool.

Watchman cal knelt down in front of Mohini while owner raju knelt down behind Mohini.

Watchman cal moved forward, he placed his hands on Mohini’s slit slowly stretching her slit lips and began licking all the cum.

While owner raju placed his hands on Mohini’s butt slowly opening her buttocks reveling Mohini’s glory back hole then he began to licking her glory back hole.

Mohini felt wave after wave of pleasure from their passionate licking of her slit and glory back hole.

After few minutes they have completely licked Mohini’s slit and glory back hole clean.

After that they lead Mohini into a bathroom and washed her body.

They also inserted their fingers into her slit and glory back hole to further clean all the c*m in Mohini’s slit and glory back hole.

 They even washed Mohini’s hair with shampoo. Both owner raju and watchman cal are under the control of level 10 controller skill that has crossed their level for over 10 times.

So they will not get out of Mohini’s control no matter what happens.

They will obey Mohini’s command even if she wants them to kill themselves.

Mohini changed her mind and don’t want to check the notifications now and left them to Rose to check while she decided to do some other things.

Mohini called and ordered both owner raju and watchman cal to take a bath and ware their dresses.

They are covered in sweat and cum.

Mohini doesn’t want to give them any task until they are clean.

Mohini went back to the room then sat down on the chair before the computer.

She was still naked. She saw that her clothes are on the bed covered in all the sweat and cum.

Only her burka which was thrown to the side fell on the floor to the side of the bed is still a little clean.

She wanted some change of clothes but she has to wait till the watchman cal and owner raju come out of the bathroom.

After few minutes both owner raju and watchman cal came out of the bathroom.

They put on their dresses under the orders of Mohini.

Then Mohini ordered them to open the back door that connects the room and the warehouse. She stored the burka in the inventory.

The dress that was covered in sweat and c*m was still on the bed.

Mohini took the clothes placed them in a plastic bag and stored them in the inventory.

Currently she doesn’t want to wear any clothes and do the work naked as it is night time.

She went to the warehouse then ordered the watchman to switch on the lights. Mohini summoned Zen and said

“Zen chose the material here that has the highest quality for your upgrade from the warehouse.”

Zen went to wooden logs of iron wood, Rose wood and absorbed them directly.

The wooden logs turned into some sort of essence entering Zen’s body.

Then Zen went to area with crude iron ingots with high quality they also turned into essence and entered Zen’s body.

After that Zen returned back to Mohini vanishing into game system then a notification appeared saying

“Point transferring device also know as Zen upgrading from level 0 to level 1.

Required time for complete the upgrade 1 hour.

Select ‘yes’ for upgrading Zen and ‘no’ to wait for some time.”

Mohini selected ‘yes’ option to upgrade Zen then sank into some thought. After a while Mohini asked Rose

“Rose can you do something to get all the materials that are required to upgrade Zen in this warehouse.”

But before Rose could answer, a notification popped out in front of Mohini saying

“Player can add the ability to detect all the materials that are required for upgrading Zen to the detection ability by spending 100 quest points.

Dose the player wants to accept or reject adding the ability.”

Mohini sighed and accepted the addition of the ability to the detection skill.

Then immediately the ability was added to Mohini’s detection ability.

Then Mohini roamed around the warehouse and found various useful materials that can upgrade Zen in the future.

She collected over 10 materials in large quantities.

These materials are enough for Mohini to upgrade Zen till he reaches level 10.

Mohini thought

“After reaching level 10 Zen might require materials that have spirit energy I think.”

Rose confirmed

“Yes, if he is really an upgradable artifact as you say he would need materials with spirit energy.”

Suddenly Mohini felt very hungry, this is because she has not eaten anything all day so she ordered watchman cal to bring something to eat from the fridge in the back room.

The back room is also the living quarters of watchman cal.

Within a few minutes watchman cal brought some food for Mohini to eat.

She received the food and ate the food while moving around and collecting other materials that she wanted…………

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