The P Cultivation System Chapter 41: strong for 3 hours and weak for 5 hours

Chapter 41: strong for 3 hours and weak for 5 hours

After banging for 2 hours Zen shout out few shots of c*m into Mohini’s glory back hole filling Mohini with energy.

Both owner raju and watchman cal were exhausted so they are taking rest.

It is nearly 9 PM in the night, most of the workers in the shop left. Suddenly watchman cal’s mobile phone rang.

Watchman cal answered the phone call



“Watchman cal owner raju said to call you and give the keys of the shop to you after closing the shop.”

“Oh! Ok, just wait are the shop door I will come and take the keys in a minute.”


Watchman cal put the mobile phone back in his pocket then said “owner I will go and get the keys.”

Saying that watchman cal dressed himself with the watchman’s dress and went out of the back room using the other exit.

Then he slowly moved to the front end of the warehouse where the shop is located.

Then he conversed with the employee for a few minutes then took the keys from him.

After sending off the employee watchman cal returned to the back room.

Then he put the keys on the shelf to the side and went to the owner raju.

“Owner raju she should be waking up in three hours you should save all the videos and ready ourselves to threaten her.

Her slit is heavenly since she is ugly and she is an Per***ted exhibitionist.

We don’t need to worry about resistance and enjoy her slit as much as we want.”

Watchman cal said excitedly.

“Yes what you said is correct her slit is heavenly we cannot let her get away like this.

We should make her into our slave.

Then we can bang her slit as much as we want.”

Owner raju said nodding his head.

They don’t know why they suddenly felt weak or why are they taking so much time to think and speak.

Their mental capacity is decreased causing them unable to think properly, so they don’t bother about what is happening.

 They felt weak because they lost most of their stat points and even their levels are dropped to the bare minimum.

This is the reason why they are taking time to think before they speak.

The effects of the loss of their stat points and the drop of their level are showing slowly.

Mohini on the other hand resting on the bed as her body was still sour from being banged continuously for the entire time caused her to exhaust all of her stamina.

But she has broken through three times reaching level 20.

All her stamina was restoring slowly.

Naturally her break through restores all her used up spirit points but her stamina will not be restored by breaking through the levels. It can only be restored by taking rest.

Fortunately because of the sedative she was in the best possible rest position so she was silently sleeping.

She has never thought that getting banged would have drained her stamina.

There are also few notifications that appeared when she reached level 20.

The timer on the quest is still there so she knows that the quest is still going on.

So she just lay on the bed without casting any skill just listening to what owner raju and watchman cal are speaking. 

At that time owner raju spoke

“There is no need to edit the video it is already stored in through the cloud space so there is no need to panic.”

Mohini used the detection skill to appraise both owner raju and watchman cal then found that they are both at level 12.

Stealing from intelligent creatures is far harder than stealing from the wild beasts and lowly witless creatures.

Even though the skill level of the steal skill has risen to level 10 Mohini is still struggling to steal the required points from humans to the upmost limit that she is capable off.

But this is just the very first day that Mohini got the game system and using the skills.

She has to be experienced enough to use the skills easily and more freely.

The limit to which that Mohini can absorb the others points is till mortal level 10 for any normal mortal beings at her current level of the skill.

If both owner raju and watchman cal has to come into contact to Mohini or they have to bang her to steal the remaining amount of experience points and stat points from them.

When Mohini and Rose are thinking how to make them come in contact with her something unexpected happened.

Mohini was recovering on the bed as her body was still under the effects of the sedative.

At that time both owner raju and watchman cal ate some pill.

“Watchman cal the pill we just ate can increase our strength l*stly.

One pill can last for three hours and these three hours we will be at our peak stage no matter what.

These pills are the new product from the foreign markets.

But after 3 hours of peak condition we will become weak for at least 5 hours before our meat rods can rise again.

So let us bang her to our hearts content in these three hours.”

Saying that owner raju started to walk towards Mohini who was still unconscious on the bed.

Listening to the conversation Mohini knew that she is going to be banged continuously for another 3 hours again.

She was exhausted from getting banged previously.

But she cannot do anything right now. All she can do right now is grit her teeth and bite the bullet.

When Mohini was thinking how to handle the situation Rose suddenly spoke

“Mohini there is good news for you.

While I was going through the notifications that came after you reached level 20,

I found an amazing thing.

After your cultivation level reached mortal level 20…………….

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