The P Cultivation System Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Chastity lost again

He was excited by her moans so he wants to stick his meat rod into Mohini’s slit.

He immediately removed his dress changing into his birthday suit that is completely naked.

His meat rod stood up like a meat rod. His meat rod is only 4 inches long and 1 inch wide.

In comparison to Zen’s meat rod it is quite small but there is one peculiar thing regarding owner raju’s meat rod that is it looked like a crescent moon.

It is completely curved giving it a unique shape.

Before owner raju stick his meat rod Rose ordered Zen to appear and bang Mohini’s glory back hole.

This way Mohini can get more pleasure and can complete more quests in less time.

Watchman cal is still recording from the side but he is also masturbating his meat rod with one hand and holding camera with the other.

Zen was intangible so he can merge with the bed and can directly stick his meat rod into Mohini’s slit.

At the same time owner raju pulled Mohini to the edge of the bed. He started to rub his meat rod on Mohini’s wet slit lips.

Rose ordered Zen to stick his meat rod into Mohini’s glory back hole at the same time owner raju stick his meat rod into Mohini’s slit.

To be precise Rose want Zen to copy owner raju while banging Mohini.

Under the orders of Rose, Zen also started to rub his meat rod on Mohini’s glory back hole making Mohini arouse further.

At this time Rose said to Mohini to activate her cultivation technique ‘Kama sutra’ and the steal skill to steal all the experience points, spirit points and stat points from the owner raju.

The steal skill is special because it first accumulates everything that can be stolen from the target and only steal’s them after the person using the skill accepts so that the victim doesn’t notice that someone stole things from him.

 Rose will make the transfer of all the points at the moment the target was about to c*m so that Mohini and herself can enjoy the pleasure to the fullest.

After rubbing Mohini’s slit a few times owner raju inserted his meat rod into Mohini’s slit with a sudden jolt.

Similarly Zen did the same inserting his meat rod into Mohini’s glory back hole with a sudden jolt simultaneously to owner raju.

This sudden entry of the two meat rods into her slit and glory back hole simultaneously has almost woke up Mohini from the sedative effect making her let out a loud moan.


This loud moan of Mohini aroused owner raju, watchman cal and even Zen to harden their meat rods a little more.

The curved meat rod of owner raju bulged on Mohini skin and moved to and fro with the moments of owner raju.

At the same time Zen who was a little aroused also started to move his meat rod in Mohini’s glory back hole.

After a few times of moving to and fro in Mohini’s slit owner raju pulled out his meat rod to show the signs of blood on his meat rod to the camera indicating he has taken Mohini’s Chastity.

Because of the excessive pressure some of the blood flowed out of Mohini’s slit along with her cum.

Owner raju and watchman cal put on a wide creepy smile looking at the blood from Mohini’s slit.

They even recorded the blood flowing out of Mohini’s slit.

At that time because of the detection skill Mohini and Rose observed that the meat rod of watchman cal was similar to owner raju‘s meat rod.

They are both curved and looked identical, the only difference is watchman cal’s meat rod is over 6 inches and owner raju’s meat rod is 4 inches long.

This aroused some suspensions in both Mohini and Rose that is something is fishy.

They decided to look into this matter after they completed the quest.

After that owner raju stick his meat rod into Mohini’s slit again.

At the same time Zen who previously took out his meat rod also stuck it into Mohini’s glory back hole again.

This made Mohini moan louder causing all the three men present in the room to be excited again.

The owner banged Mohini’s slit for half an hour before spraying out his c*m inside her slit.

On the other hand Rose ordered Zen to stop copying owner raju and continue banging Mohini’s glory back hole.

The owner switched his positions with the watchman then continued to bang Mohini taking turns for over 2 hours.

Each of them banged Mohini at least 3 times filling Mohini’s slit with c*m after banging her 6 times.

During this process of banging Mohini her cultivation technique while Rose used the steal skill to get all the points from owner raju and watchman cal.

When both owner raju and watchman cal are banging Mohini they have used various positions by twisting and turning their meat rods in Mohini’s slit.

“The slit of this ugly harlot is heavenly.

Let us trap her and enjoy her all we want in the coming days till we have our fun hehehe.”

Owner raju said with a l*stful smile

In the mean time Zen has banged Mohini for an entire two hours. In these two hours not only the previous stat points from the dog but also the stat points and other points that she obtained from these two people were also set to add to Mohini’s points.

After banging for 2 hours Zen shout out few shots of c*m into Mohini’s glory back hole filling Mohini with energy……………

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