The P Cultivation System Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The Per***ted cultivation system

That is one should have his body along with mind and soul in order to absorb the sentient crystal.

So I made the four old geezers to make these sentient crystal formations and inscriptions can be rearranged later.

I also made those geezers add all their field techniques of formations, alchemy, inscriptions and crafting into the sentient crystal due to this you can slowly inherit these things over time.”

Suddenly Mohini felt a rush of some memories of the black rose at the same time black rose also felt the memories of the Mohini.

Black rose suddenly spoke

“Now we have completely merged together, these Per***ted game things you make are strange and I like them.

This sentient crystal has one more function that is to create something that doesn’t exist in this world based on the last desire of the person that absorbed it.

So I think this sentient crystal might create some game system for you.”

Suddenly there is a notification in front

“Welcome to the Per***ted cultivation system”

Previously Mohini has a dream that is to create a game system that has all the Per***ted features when she first started working on the Per***ted games but latter she lost interest and that dream was buried in the deepest part of her heart.

At that time she named the system as the Per***ted cultivation system.

Since her last desire is not death but l*st at the same time the black that merged with her was a demon that is based on l*st so the sentient crystal created this system.

At the same time another notification popped up saying

“Since it is set that the starting of the game is when the player is in the high school the time is going to be re-winded to that time period and revert back the player to that age.”

Suddenly a teenage girl woke up by a calling in her head, the person that woke up is Mohini and the voice in her head belongs to black rose.

“Who is shouting?

Why is it so noisy early in the morning?”

Soon that teenage girl sat up on her bed in a small room and looked around to find that she was not in the cave as before but she is in a small room like a hostel room.

“Why am I back here?”

Soon Mohini calmed down herself then looking at her body, her aged body reverted to her teenage self but she is still as ugly as ever.

After coming out of shock she muttered to herself

“So that dream is actually real after all.”

Then immediately a voice rang n her head

“Yes it is real”

That voice is extremely hotty as if a man heard this voice his meat rod would stand up the very moment.

This voice belongs to none other than black rose that had previously merged with the Mohini.

Suddenly a light screen appeared in front of Mohini with a message that is

“Welcome to the Per***ted cultivation system.”

“It really is that game system that I have dreamed of making when I started my career as the Per***ted game designer.

 I thought of this system for all the women that are ugly and never had a chance to enjoy their life.

Even the name of the game system is the same.

This is my fantasy that I imagined myself being the main character for the game story becoming extremely beautiful;

Cultivate to become strong to take revenge on all the people that bullied me previously and many other things.”

She was so happy that she started jumping in the room. After few moments she finally calmed down and said

“Hey you are called black rose right, according to you we are completely merged into a single person right?”

Then a voice in her mind said

“Yes, we are a single person I can read all your thoughts and at the same time you can read mine too.”

Soon Mohini found many things from the memories of the black rose regarding the cultivation world, many races, the details of the sentient crystals and many other essential things.

At the same time she remembered something that is she has never fully completed the game system that she dreamed of.

Then a thought appeared in her mind

“How the game system is formed without me completing it?

This means there are unknowns in the system.”

Suddenly some new memories came into her from the black rose they are the memories that show that the black rose has casually added some new settings to the system to fill some of the areas that are previously incomplete.

But still some of the things are unknown to Mohini regarding the game system.

So I came to my high school time because I set the starting point of the game at that time. At the same time black rose spoke

“I think that the sentient crystal has filled the gaps you left in the game system using your other memories and from the memories of the people in the world we are in”

Black rose’s speculations has solved some of the questions Mohini had regarding the completion of the game system.

Finally Mohini’s attention came to the welcome message that is in front of her. With just a thought from her saying

“The Per***ted cultivation system start”

 The welcome message has gone and a new message appeared in front of her saying

“In 10 seconds some data collecting devices will appear in front of you please cooperate with the system to assess your status of body, mind, soul and the spirit root.”

Almost immediately Mohini remembered about the assessment and the devices used for the assessment at the same time black rose started to laugh

“Even though I am a succubus you are more Per***ted than me”

Listening to this Mohini’s face became red out of embarrassment.

“You said that you have merged with me completely how can you still talk?”

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