The P Cultivation System Chapter 38

Chapter 38: sedated and banged

This is where the watchman brings some drink or juice that was mixed with sedatives.

After the women drinks and falls unconscious they will be silently carried to the back room.

In the back room the owner and the watchman bangs the women and makes a video of it. After the women woke up the owner threaten her using the video.

If the woman is beautiful he will make her come here again for banging her and if the woman is not that beautiful he will just threaten her to keep her mouth shut or else he will upload this video into some of the online sites.

This way he was enjoying all the women that came to his shop single without any one.

He even considered that there is a chance someone comes looking for the women so he would start banging them as soon as they took the women in to the back room.

“Owner let’s see the women’s face hehe”

The watchman said with a crow like voice.

The owner is a handsome man called raju with the age around 28 years that looked like he was 25 year old while the watchman is around 40 years old called Cal.

Listening to the watchman the owner said with a sly smile

“It has been a week since we had a woman, is your meat rod that itching Cal.

 If my guess is correct these women came here all by themselves.

So don’t worry we have the entire night to enjoy the women.”

Then he slowly moved towards the Mohini’s face and removed the cloth of the burka that is covering Mohini’s face showing the ugly face of Mohini to both owner raju and the watchman cal.

They immediately lost interest in banging her but suddenly the owner has a thought and said

“This woman should be around 20 years old.

Since this woman was this ugly she should still be a Virgo hehe.

Let us take her Chastity and make a video out of it.

It has been a week last banged a woman my meat rod is itching for a slit so let’s just bang her for now and trap another woman later.”

He switched on all the cameras in the room along with some focus lights to capture the high quality video of them taking Mohini’s Chastity.

Only Mohini’s body was unconscious while Mohini’s mind and soul are still conscious. Mohini felt a little intent to kill this owner and the watch man.

In front of Mohini there is a timer that shows how long her body will be unconscious and how long it takes for her to complete the quest called cooperate.

Her body will be unconscious for around 5 hours and the amount of time she requires to complete the quest is 3 hours.

Mohini asked Rose

“Rose what they will do if they found that I am not a Virgo.

That dog and Zen banged me so I lost my Chastity so what should I do?”

Rose spoke “Mohini you don’t have to worry about that.

Because of the succubus blood in you any one that bangs you will feel like they are in heaven. Also your seduction skill has already reached level 9 right.

There is no need to worry at all let him do what he want.

So as soon as they have a thought of bang you they cannot back out of the l*st without banging you even with the curse.

 There is one more thing that the succubus blood gives you that are you will feel only pleasure when indulge in any form of activity that has even a silver of l*st.

This pleasure will come with the ability to regenerate and heal any form of injuries that you sustain when you are being banged.

This l*stful energy is like phoenix blood to you.

So no matter what happens you will be fine and even feel pleasure instead of pain.

What do you say did you understand the greatness of the succubus race now hehe?”

Mohini was shocked listening to the abilities of the succubus race from Rose.

The most shocking thing is that the l*stful energy can heal and regenerate all the injuries she sustained during l*st.

While Mohini and Rose are speaking owner raju and watchman cal removed the burka on Mohini revealing her previous clothes a short skirt and a top.

Watchman cal is carrying a small camera to capture the things in close range.

In order to heat up the things watchman cal suggested removing Mohini’s panties before removing her other clothes.

Owner raju liked watchman cal’s suggestion so he lifted up Mohini’s skirt to remove her panties.

But both owner raju and watchman cal were shocked because Mohini was not wearing any panties.

This shocked them so much that they stood there stunned for a few minutes.

“Owner raju this woman should be a pervert.

She is not wearing panties and roaming around the city.”

Watchman cal said.

“From this we can tell that there won’t be anyone coming for her hehe.

We can bang her all night without being disturbed hehe.”

Owner raju said

After that owner raju continued to remove her clothes while watchman cal continued to record the entire process with the camera on hand.

After few minutes the Mohini’s was lying on the bed completely naked and every nook and cranny was completely visible to owner raju and watchman cal because of all the lights in the room.

“At least her slit is not as ugly as her face hehe”

Owner raju said to watchman cal with a smile.

Watchman cal nodded his head and said

“Yes owner raju it looked like her slit is not as ugly as her face. She should be a Virgo hehe.”

Mohini should completely ugly because of the curse but something happened that made her slit out of the curse.

There are 2 reasons for the curse on her slit lifted and not effective………

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