The P Cultivation System Chapter 37: Hot Quest: Cooperate part 2

Chapter 37: Hot Quest: Cooperate part 2

The thing is the entire quest assistance page is completely empty except for one quest.

Upon selection the quest it showed nothing about the quest description but a single word that is “Cooperate” then the reward is mentioned saying

“After the successful completion of the quest the player will receive 1000 quest points.”

Both Rose and Mohini did not understand what the quest is. But they believed in the game system so they just moved on while making some speculations regarding the quest.

Suddenly Rose spoke

“Mohini I think this l*stful owner that is leading the way is going to plot something against you and the system wants to cooperate.”

Mohini gave it some thought and said

“I think your speculation is correct.

Well we will see after a while.”

The owner led Mohini to the ware house where there are plenty of materials that are neatly arranged.

Mohini suddenly has a thought that is her inventory won’t be able to store everything here.

So she decided to use the quest points to upgrade the game system to level 10 so that she can store more things in the inventory.

Immediately Mohini accessed the system upgrade screen and saw that she requires 550 quest points to upgrade the game system to level 10.

She did not hesitate because she needs the system to be upgraded and she also has plenty of quest points.

After upgrading the skills steal and controller Mohini has around 5020 quest points.

From them she spent another 550 quest points upgrading the game system to level 10.

The remaining quest points are 4470 quest points.

As soon as the game system is upgraded to level 10 the storage space of the inventory has changed from 100 items to 1000 items.

Now Mohini can store over 1000 different items of infinite amounts of each item.

With this amount of storage Mohini can literally store the entire warehouse in her inventory.

At this moment another other notification popped out saying that

“The map screen has obtained the detection ability that can help player locate things within her range of detection.

The keen sense skill and the appraisal has be upgraded to level 10 and merged with the detection ability of the map.

The range of the detection is now increased to 50 meter radius around Mohini.”

This new notification made Mohini and Rose happy because they don’t have to search every single thing and appraise them to know the details.

With the detection skill all the details of the things within the range of the detection will flow directly into Mohini’s mind.

So this will act as radar for her to search the things that she needed in a short span of time.

The most fortunate thing is that these things do not require very less spirit energy like 1 points of spirit energy for 1 hour of usage of the detection skill.

It is very convenient passive ability that does not strain Mohini on the usage of the spirit energy points.

Soon after Mohini started to observe the warehouse it is a large warehouse that is around the size of 100×100 square meters.

Mohini was following the owner around the warehouse and found many useful things there.

The owner brought Mohini to the materials that she required.

As she selected the materials the owner ordered the watchman of the warehouse to go fetch some juice for Mohini at that time he winked at the watchman signaling something.

This was done secretly by the owner but because of the detection skill Mohini was able to see the signal.

She finally understood what is going on.

The owner wanted to sedative her and bang her body while she was unconscious.

As for the quest cooperate, Mohini has to be sedated willingly by cooperation to the owner’s plot.

 After Mohini selected what she required the shop owner started to converse with her about various things in the mean time the watchman brought some juice for Mohini and the owner.

At first Mohini resisted a little but under the compulsion of the owner she finally took the juice to drink.

This rejection previously is to avoid any form of suspicion on her later.

As soon as she drank the juice she slowly fell unconscious.

The thing is only her body fell unconscious while her soul and mind is still conscious because of her mind and soul merged with Rose’s mind and soul.

When her body was losing consciousness the owner caught her from falling.

Then with the help of the watchman they transported to a small room behind the warehouse.

There are not many people in the warehouse so no one noticed Mohini being unconscious or her being carried to a room behind the warehouse.

After Mohini was taken to a room behind the warehouse she was placed on a bed.

The room was very well lit almost as if it is day time. After placing Mohini on the bed the owner wanted to see the face of Mohini.

At the same time the watchman has an anticipated look on his face to see the face of the women behind the burka.

The room was so well lit because there are cameras all over the room.

The lighting is to record all the things that happen in the room with clarity.

The owner usually makes the recordings of the women that he raped in this room.

 The owner always traps the women that come to his store without any one with them.

His preference is the women should have an age less than 40 years.

He doesn’t really care about the beauty of the women.

Even if the woman is ugly he will just bang them to his heart’s content then after he left his watchman bangs the women too.

The usually invite the single women that come to the shop into the warehouse then them near the room.

This is where the watchman brings some drink or juice that was mixed with sedatives………

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