The P Cultivation System Chapter 36: Hot Quest: Cooperate part 1

Chapter 36: Hot Quest: Cooperate part 1

But in the country that Mohini lives in was particularly strict in their traditions of public moral.

Even though the country is mostly corrupt they still need to maintain the face of the country.

The country that Mohini lives in is called India.

Mohini went out of the railway station as quickly as possible because she cannot maintain the barrier for a long time.

Right after she came out of the railway station and took a turn into a deserted alley way she undid the barrier and appeared out of now where in the alley way.

Since the alley way is deserted there is no one present that saw Mohini appearing out of the thin air.

Mohini started walking towards a materials supply shop to see if she can find the materials required to upgrade Zen.

To upgrade Zen from level 0 to level 10 the materials needed are precious metals and materials that are used in the mortal world like copper, wood, iron, some crystals, bones of some beasts and other things like that.

In order to upgrade Zen from level 0 to level 1 she needed some high quality wood of 100 kilograms and high quality crude iron of 100 kilograms. As for the materials required for Zen to reach level 2 will only be displayed after Zen successfully reach level 1.

It is 6:10 PM in the evening.

All the shops in the materials market district will be open till 9 PM in the night.

The last local bus or the last local train from materials market district departs at 10 PM.

So Mohini decided to catch the last bus to return to the hostel.

After walking for a while Mohini reached a wholesale materials supply store that sells metal ingots and wood logs for construction and crafting.

The front of the store has a small room behind the room was a large warehouse.

This store house should be where the materials stored and the shop in the front should be place for billing office and also showing the samples of the materials.

When Mohini was about to enter the shop a notification popped out in front of her

“Appraisal skill has reached level 10 so player has obtained the ability to get further details of the targets and can identify some unknown materials too.

Player can also use the appraisal skill through map screen.”

Mohini was shocked by the sudden raise of the appraisal skill to level 10. Rose spoke explaining the reason

“Mohini after you came out of the rest room to all the way you came here I have used the appraisal skill on everything that was unique like humans, plants, things and even insects that came into the 10 meter range of the keen sense skill.

The appraisal skill does not require any spirit energy so I have used it continuously.

Since you are vigilantly monitoring those people, you did not realize the information from the appraisal skill.

This raised the level of the skill so much that that it reached level 10 hehe.”

Mohini was very happy and said

“Rose that is a good idea uses all the skills that does not require spirit energy and does not hinder the task at hand.

This way we can make so much progress in less time hehe.

That is a great idea right Rose. This way we can make progress in many skills in short amount of time.”

Rose was also very happy listening to the Mohini’s plan. Mohini came back to her senses and went to the shop.

In the small shop there are few people dealing with the customers.

Mohini made an illusion barrier around her then wore a burka so that other people would not see her appearance.

This is because she currently doesn’t have enough spirit energy so this burka is a contingency plan.

Mohini went to the front desk and as soon as she came a person that was free walked over to her and asked

“How may I help you miss?”

Mohini spoke

“I am here to get some high quality crude iron ingots for a research project.”

Mohini’s voice was not pretty any people that heard her voice think that the person speaking has either cold or throat problems.

Since it is winter season most of the people did not bothered and changed their attentions back their own work.

The sales man looked handsome he brought out some sample pieces of the crude iron for her to see.

Mohini used the appraisal on the crude iron pieces and found that one of them is a very high quality piece.

Mohini immediately took the piece and said

“This piece is good.

I want 100 kg of this crude iron tell me your price?”

Listening to her the sales man’s eyes lit up and said

“Miss this will cost you 110 dollars, is there any thin else that Miss want to buy?”

Mohini hesitated a little and said

“Can you show me some high quality wood?”

The sales man did not hesitate and took out some wood sample pieces saying

“This is high quality Sal wood”

Pointing at a brown piece of wood then pointed at dark brown piece of wood saying

“This is high quality tamarind wood”

Then he show few more pieces of palm, teak, elm and iron wood.

The he said

“We also have sandal wood and red wood Miss would you like to see them too?”

Mohini said

“Yes show me those too.”

The sales man said with a weird smile

“Miss they are stored in the warehouse, you can directly select the log there so please follow me to the warehouse.”

Mohini said ok and followed the sales man into the warehouse. At the same time Rose spoke

“Mohini the person you are following is not a sales man but the owner of this shop.

Also I can sense that he is extremely l*stful from my succubus instincts.”

As soon as Rose finished speaking a notification popped out it is the quest assistance page.

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