The P Cultivation System Chapter 34: Huge Gains through the Steamy Train Quest 

Chapter 34: Huge Gains through the Steamy Train Quest

The keen sense skill detected that many people rushing towards the rest room.

Without delay she immediately opened the map screen to see what is happening around her within the radius of 10 meters.

From the map she was able to see there are few red dots outside the rest room’s door.

 Upon selecting one of the red dots a small description box opened saying “female cop”. This shocked Mohini a little.

Mohini thought of something regarding the sudden appearance of the female cops near the rest room that is

“As she has vanished from the compartment the authoritative might have thought that I have escaped using some sort of disguise.

So they are searching for me all over including the female rest rooms.

Well they cannot catch me that easily.”


Suddenly the doors of the rest room were opened with a loud banging sound and some of the lady cops entered the women’s rest room.

They started opening each of the toilet booth doors for checking for Mohini.

At that time Mohini was already recovered a little she slowly moved near the toilet booth door and unlocked it without making any sound.

Mohini has already recovered a little and her body is not that numb as before.

She put on a small barrier in the toilet booth that can create an illusion hiding her appearance completely.

The barrier that Mohini put is not a movable one so it consumes less amount of spirit energy.

Still Mohini can only maintain this barrier for a very less time.

At that time one of the female cops came to the toilet booth to open the door.

She noticed that the door was not locked, so she just casually pushed open the door of the toilet booth only to see it is empty.

Mohini was still sitting on the toilet seat, but it is just illusion barrier that made the female cop unable to see Mohini.

Mohini’s barrier skill has been upgraded to level 10 so it was effective against all the people that are below foundation stage. 

So Mohini did not fear that she would be discovered by the female cop.

A few minutes after that all the female cops left the rest room.

Mohini removed the barrier, then locked the toilet booth door and rested for some time to recover her spent energy.

While resting Mohini opened the notifications to check what she gained from the quests previously.

The first notification is Mohini has completed the travelling one hour in the train naked without using any form of visually obstructing skills.

The completion of this quest gave Mohini 1000 points.

The second notification is completing the quest of getting banged by Zen in a local train the player get 30 quest points.

As the player got banged by Zen in the broad day light and without using any visual obstructions and not even sound obstructions gives the player an additional 1000 points for completing the hidden quest.

The third notification is hidden critical quest conditions met and quest is completed.

The hidden critical quest is for the player to be seen and heard by the people while completing the quests of player travelling in the train naked and getting banged by Zen without any visual and sound obstructions gives the player another 1000 quest points and 1 extra quest point for every person that say the player during the quest.

The fourth notification is the number of people that saw the player while completing the hidden critical quest is 1420 so the player receives another 1420 quest points as bonus.

The fifth notification is special quest player was touched by many people on her private parts when the player is escaping and is highly sensitive gives her 500 quest points.

And 10 quest points for every person that touched the player’s private parts. A total of 79 people so the bonus quest points is 790 quest points.

The sixth notification is player escaped from the pursuit while being completely naked will receive 500 quest points.

Looking at all these notifications Mohini was very happy and wanted to try these quests again but she was disappointed by the notification that appeared right after her thought of trying these hidden quests again.

The popped out notification said is most of the hidden quests are one time or they require special conditions to activate so Mohini cannot use most of these hidden quests again.

Mohini sighed slightly and then opened the status page to see how many quest points she gained along with the other changes to her status.


Name   : Mohini, black rose

Age       : 18

Gender: female

Species blood lines: human, demon succubus

Job       : student

Cultivation base: mortal level 17

Title      : ugly women

Status   : cursed (99%)


 Health points: 74/74

Spirit points: 38/66

Stamina points: 46/68


Body      :        39

Mind      :        31

Soul        :        31     

Beauty   :       -99

Luck       :        24


Stat points:     20

Quest points: 5700


From the changes on the status screen Mohini knew that she has reached the next level that is level 17 at the same time her stat points are also increased because of getting banged by Zen.

From the level increase Mohini understood that she might have excited Zen a little and got some bonus percentage of points through buffs so she was happy.

Then looking at the quest points Mohini has a huge grin on her face.

She know that 340 quest points are spent to upgrade the barrier skill to level 10 so these should be the remaining points that she got through the quests that she just completed.

Soon after Mohini decided to upgrade the steal and controller skills to level 10 too so that she can be more free in using them and reduce some of the future unexpected troubles.

Then she opened the skills page to upgrade the skills that she wanted but upon opening the skills page Mohini was a little shocked.

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