The P Cultivation System Chapter 32

Chapter 32: naked in the shaky train part 3

When the train reached the fourth station the spirit points that Mohini has were drained completely because of the continuous usage of controller skill and the sound proof barrier.

As soon as the spirit points are completely drained the controller skill broke and the sound proof barrier also broken causing all the people present to hear the sweet and hotty moans of Mohini that was currently being banged by Zen.

This has aroused the l*st desires of all the people around causing all the peoples meat rods to bulge out from their pants.

Some of them even c*mmed within their pants because of the stimulus from Mohini’s movements and moans of pleasure.

As this is happening the train has reached the fifth stop and some people even went to report Mohini.

As the controller skill and the sound proof barrier was broken due to the complete drain of the spirit points there is nothing stopping people from thinking and listening to Mohini’s moans.

Rose spoke

“Mohini you don’t have to fear before those people can report the train will move to the sixth stop and our quest will also be complete hang in there a little.”

While Rose is speaking the train started to move to the next station.

The next station is where Mohini has to get off the train.

It will take 15 minutes for the train to reach the sixth stop where Mohini has to get off the train.

The people reported Mohini to the local authorities of the train station but before they could react and stop the train it had already left the station.

So they informed the next station to arrest Mohini.

While all of this is going on the time of the quest showed there is still 7 minutes to complete the quest where the timer hit the zero and Zen shot out few c*m shots into Mohini’s glory back hole transferring the experience points and stat points.

This caused Mohini to c*m a few times with a very Per***ted sound.




At the same time the drained spirit energy is being recovered at a very slow snail pace. Mohini has already c*mmed a few times and she was currently very sensitive causing all of her body to go limp.

Zen placed his hands on her to hold her from falling but continued to bang her glory back hole. The time ticked down slowly as Mohini struggled to stay awake.

After 7 minutes has passed and the quests are completed successfully some sudden notifications appeared in front of her saying some things like the quest is complete.

At the same time all of her used spirit energy was recovered completely to the peak stage.

This is caused by the sudden breakthrough of Mohini to the next level.

Her body was still limp but with the assistance of Zen she slowly stood up.

But because of all the banging in various poses her legs area still limp so Rose ordered Zen to hold her from falling down.

All the people around looked at the Mohini who was wobbly and returned to her ugly self.

At that very instant all the surrounding people looked at Mohini with angry stares as if she has spoiled all their dreams.

They looked like they are ready to attack Mohini at any possible moment.

They are looking at Mohini like an angry mob looking at a monster that they want to hunt and kill.

Under this situation Mohini casted barrier of illusion and sound proofing around her so that she was hidden completely with the help of Rose.

This caused her to vanish in front of all the people on the compartment.

Zen was still supporting Mohini stand and with the orders of Rose, Zen moved Mohini to a little to the other side so that the people won’t find her immediately.

 Rose wanted to move Mohini out of the encirclement of the people.

With the current level of the barrier skill it is impossible for them to move that barrier along with them so Rose made a bold choice that is to upgrade the barrier.

It is said that after the barrier skill is upgraded to level 10, the player can move the barrier along them while travelling but the amount of spirit energy required increases exponentially.

Currently the barrier skill has reached level 6 because of the usage of it in the public in front of hundreds of people for nearly an hour.

In order to upgrade the barrier skill to level 10 Mohini require 340 quest points. Rose doesn’t give any thought and tried to upgrade the barrier skill.

This is because Rose was sure that she would get 1000 quest points from the previously completed quest.

As expected the barrier skill was upgraded to level 10.

Then Rose used the controller skill to control some men that are blocking the path to move to the exit of the train compartment.

This is done without alerting other people that are still in shock of the disappearance of Mohini.

Rose ordered Zen to support Mohini towards the exit of the train compartment.

Even though the exit is not too far from Mohini she still has to use the barrier that can move along with the user.

The barrier formed into a thin layer surrounding Mohini.

This barrier only has 2 properties that are sound proofing and invisibility.

Rose don’t want to include any other properties to the barrier in order to not to drain the spirit energy (spirit points) faster.

The two properties of the barrier hide the visible and audible presence of the Mohini but other people can still come in contact with her body.

It is just that they won’t be able to see or hear Mohini.

While moving towards the barrier many people’s hands and other parts rubbed to Mohini’s naked body.

This is because the people are tightly packed due to the Mohini’s Per***ted performance previously.

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