The P Cultivation System Chapter 31

Chapter 31: naked in the shaky train part 2

Even though, the controller skill uses some of the spirit energy of Mohini that is not much for her.

This is because all the people here are civilians with low levels and can easily be controlled without spending much energy.

By there are still men that are looking at Mohini l*stfully. This is because even though she was ugly she was still a woman so they stared at her l*stfully.

Even though they are l*stful they don’t make a move on Mohini because they thought that they will get into trouble by the other man that is surrounding Mohini.

There are some people that wanted to record Mohini with their smart phones but were immediately stunned by Rose using the controller skill.

Rose wanted Mohini to be exposed to as many people as possible.

This is because of her intuition that they might get some extra benefits because of the excessive exposure of Mohini’s naked body.

So Rose used the barrier skill to created a barrier that make no people stand block the view of the windows that expose Mohini to the people on the platform.

While all of this is going on Mohini was completely in the state of pleasure that she forgot the surroundings and enjoying the banging of Zen.

In the local train the seat arrangement is like three seats on either side of the window facing each other with only 2 feet gap between them for the passengers to walk through.

Then there is a passage way at the center of the compartment and similar kind of seats on the opposite window too.

Zen first flipped Mohini then placed Mohini’s hands on the seats on the opposite side while her legs were placed on the seat where Zen sat.

Mohini looked like a stretched cow her glory back hole and slit facing Zen’s face.

Zen started licking her slit and glory back hole causing Mohini to moan loudly but because of the sound proof barrier no one heard her.


“Bang yeah”

“Lick gently”



To all the people it looked like Mohini is showing some Per***ted poses stretching her body like this and doing the doggy pose.

Soon another stop of the local train has come and gone.

In order to transfer the experience points and stat points Zen does not need to place his meat rod in her slit all the time,

Instead he has to participate in l*st activity with Mohini and c*m in any of her holes that is her mouth, slit and glory back hole to transfer the points.

More and more people came to look at Mohini.

It has already reached few hundred people.

Suddenly Zen stood up while Mohini was still in her doggy pose.

After that he moved Mohini to place one leg and one hand on one side of the seats and other leg and other hand on the other side of the seats showing her slit and glory back hole stretched through the window behind her.

Her face and the boobs are shown through the other window opposite to her along with all the people in the compartment

Zen who was invisible to all the people stood behind Mohini placing his hands on her boobs and inserted his thick long meat rod into Mohini’s slit.

Zen started to pinch her cherries causing Mohini to make some very hotty noises.

If other people were to her Mohini’s moans they would c*m in their pants just listening to her hotty moans.




“Bang yeah”


To all the people that saw through the window they can see that her slit is expanding and contraction as if someone is banging her from behind.

This sensation has caused Mohini to c*m a few times which are oozing out of her slit.

After some time Zen reversed Mohini to make her face the window beside her and her slit and glory back hole facing the window opposite to her and all the people in the compartment.

Now all the people were able to look at her slit and the glory back hole.

Zen moved behind her again and started to bang her glory back hole this time.

All the people in the compartment can look at her glory back hole expanding and contracting which is too eye catching and her moments of to and fro made people in the train compartment think that that Mohini’s glory back hole is being banged by someone invisible.

They all looked at her with the words l*st and pleasure written all over their faces.

They done take even a single step forward because they don’t want to lose their face in front of so many people so they stood there quietly enjoying the show that is happening in front of them.

Also there is one more reason that is the women that they are watching l*stfully will suddenly become ugly as soon as they took a step forward and as long as they stood on the spot.

They were able to enjoy the naked exhibition show of a beautiful lady right there.

The causes of this strange phenomenon are two things they are firstly the strong mental energy of all the l*stful people that has desires of l*st and the second one is that these people unconsciously formed a curse suppression formation while gathering around Mohini.

So as soon as someone moves from their initial location the formation broke and the curse regain its strength from the suppression.

When the train reached the fourth station the spirit points that Mohini has were drained completely because of the continuous usage of controller skill and the sound proof barrier.

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