The P Cultivation System Chapter 30

Chapter 30: naked in the shaky train part 1

Rose said

“We can do this quest safely without any problem at all.

Hehe we will obtain that one thousand quest points in just one hour hehe.”

“What a good idea, Rose you are quite intelligent hehe let’s start the quest we don’t have much time.” Rose said

Almost immediately Mohini canceled the illusion barrier around her and only left the sound proofing barrier intact.

Then she took of all her clothes and stored them in the inventory.

As soon as she took off her clothes a timer appeared in front of her that is like a stop watch from 1 hour to zero that is till time up for the quest completion.

She immediately summoned Zen and ordered him to bang her then and there. Some people in the compartment noticed Mohini but were stunned by Rose using the controller skill.

Currently the controller skill is at level 6 so it can practically effective on all the normal people.

At the same time Rose also arranged the experience points and the stat points that are in the extra’s page of the inventory for the point transfer through Zen.

Zen slowly inserted his thick meat rod into Mohini’s slit while in the sitting position where Zen is sitting on the seat beside the window and

Mohini was sitting facing Zen on his meat rod inserted completely into her slit while her legs are crossing around Zen waist.

“Ahh, the meat rod is so thick and long it has reached all the way to my womb.”

Because of the shaking of the train the meat rod is vibration in my slit.

Then Zen also started moving causing Mohini to moan from pleasure

“Ahaa it is touching my stomach. It is all the way in my slit”

“Ahaa” “haa” “haa”

“Humm” “Ahaa” “haa” “haa”

“Humm” “Ahaa” “haa” “haa”


At that time some of the people that are sitting in the train facing Mohini’s direction has noticed  that Mohini is complete naked and making various poses and angles showing all the curves of her body.

Even thought they thought of her as ugly because of the curse, they still got aroused because of the display that Mohini is putting on.

All the people in the compartment are men so because of the scene that Mohini is creation there is a small bulge formed in between their legs.

This is the sign that their meat rods want to have some action too.

Among all the men one of the men was self righteous and wanted to report Mohini but was immediately stunned by Rose using the controller skill.

Rose was an experienced person being a succubus she has a certain amount of resistance to the pleasure from l*st.

So she was on the look out to see all the people that are looking at Mohini and wanted to report her.

While she stunned the person that wanted to report Mohini she left all the other people as they are.

She thought that from the order of the system Mohini was sure that there will definitely be extra rewards for they people watching her like this.

Slowly the first stop of the local train arrived.

There are many men and women on the platform that are waiting to board the train.

 But they were all shocked looking at Mohini’s naked body from the window beside the seat.

All the men and women felt a little pleasurable but soon some of them wanted to report Mohini but were stunned by Rose using the controller skill.

Most of the men boarded this compartment to look at Mohini.

Even though she was ugly looking for them their primal desires made it possible for them to look past the curse to see the Mohini’s beautiful self.

Some of the men got on board the compartment that Mohini was on and no women got in this compartment because they feared that the l*stful men turn to them and forcibly banged them because of the l*st provocation of Mohini.

This is caused by the mental energy of more than hundred people completely concentrated on looking at Mohini with slight desire.

This mental energy of the people has temporarily suppressed the curse revealing Mohini’s beautiful body.

All the people that looked at Mohini’s true self were shocked and can’t hold themselves back at all. This is because she was so beautiful that she was like a movie star.

The previously ugly body of Mohini and the current beautiful body of Mohini were like heaven and hell.

With this much difference even women that are looking at her also slightly tempted to touch Mohini’s silky smooth skin.

The previously ugly body of Mohini is like a withered tree with disproportionate boobs and butt, moles and some marks on the body, disheveled hair and unhealthy skin.

The current beautiful body of Mohini is like

“Perfectly healthy body with perky bountiful boobs and butt,

Not a single mark on the body,

Silky smooth hair with the color as black as the night sky and

A very white and baby pink skin that looked as smooth and tender as cheese”

Her face is so beautifully defined with exquisite features with big eyes, cherry colored lips and dimples on her cheeks.

All the people that looked at Mohini’s beautiful appearance went into their imaginative world.

But as soon as they step forward from the group the previous ugly self appeared crushing the dreams of the onlookers.

This is because even the mental energy of few hundred people was suppressed the curse on Mohini it was only temporary effect.

The sudden ugly appearance of Mohini caused all the peoples meat rods go down just like a balloon lost its air.

At the very moment Rose used the controller skill to stun all the people that were angered and trying to report Mohini to the authorities.

Even though, the controller skill uses some of the spirit energy of Mohini that is not much for her…………

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