The P Cultivation System Chapter 3: hot and beautiful succubus queen

Chapter 3: hot and beautiful succubus queen

After a while there is a female figure that appeared in that white place that female person was so hotty that even the most beautiful model on earth would be envious of her beauty.

“Wow! What a beautiful person if I had 1 percent of her beauty I would not have wished to be dead.”

But there are some disturbing things like horns on her head, a long tail and a pair of wings that looked like bat wings on her back. (By Souryourer Fate)

After a little while Mohini could see that the beautiful person standing in front of her.    

The beautiful person completely materialized in front of Mohini and she was smiling at Mohini.

After a few moments she spoke

“I presume that you are thinking all of this is a dream right but it is not a dream, you will know that after you woke up.

Currently my soul and mind are merging with yours soon we will become one entity.

Oh! Your name is Mohini what a beautiful name even though you are ugly now I will turn you into a beauty.”

“I forgot to introduce myself I am a demon queen of succubus race called black rose.

I am a special exception in the succubus race because I don’t have a demon core in solid form it is in the liquid form and mixed with the essence blood so I escaped from death then.

Oh! Sorry I am taking to myself you don’t understand most of the things that I speak let’s take it slow then.”

That hotty lady spoke to Mohini

Listening to black rose words Mohini understood that this demon queen is quite excited somehow because of meeting Mohini.

Soon the succubus demon queen black rose waved her hand immediately after a light screen appeared beside her it looked like a large television screen when looked.

“Watch what has happened exactly”

Succubus demon queen black rose said to Mohini.

Immediately after succubus demon queen black rose spoke the screen lit up showing the image of a cauldron and

One of the previous old man along with him there are some materials and the sentient crystal hovering beside him.

After some time he extended his hand to create fire that looked gold color then he sent the fire into the cauldron,

A little while later he put the materials into the cauldron one after the other.

All the materials melted and were mixed to form the shape of the handle and the sheath that Mohini saw previously.

After that the old man extended his hand again and the golden flames arise from his hand then somehow the sentient crystal was attracted into the flame.

Slowly the crystal took the form that Mohini previously saw and then he slowly embedded it into the handle of the dagger to form the complete set of the dagger and sheath.

Displaying till here the screen became black for a moment like someone changed the television channel.

Then the screen lit up again showing the scene of three old men that she previously saw one of the old men is the one that just made the dagger.

He said something to them then he gave the dagger to them and left the place.

Soon after the two old men sat crossed legs facing each other in some secret room then they placed the dagger in between them.

One of them started to inscribe some strange words in the air while the other old man arranging these words in some complicated patterns on the dagger.

After some time they are done with their work then took the dagger to the fourth old man that did not appear till now based on the order and the knowledge from the novels and

Games she came to a conclusion that the next person should be an alchemist or something like that.

Her guess was right the two old men gave the dagger to the fourth old man after saying something the two old men left the place then this alchemist old man went into a secret room then took out a cauldron and placed the dagger in the cauldron.

After a while he took out some transparent jade bottles containing blood of various beings that he had received from the fifth old man that referred himself as the leader of some organization.

But soon Mohini observed that there is an extra jade bottle that contains magenta colored blood in it.

Suddenly the black rose spoke seeing the reaction of Mohini looking at the magenta colored blood

“You have noticed that there is an extra jade bottle that contains magenta colored blood right.

That is my essence blood and also my demon core is in it as well.

Look at the jade bottle that contains the black colored blood it is the essence blood of the demon god.

When that leader old man came to kill the demon god and collect his blood I was also there at that time.

These 4 old men were the ones that killed me but I am a bit special.

When they used their techniques to kill me I used my special technique to plant my command seed into their brains making them do what I wanted them to do.

At the same time I melted my core and combined it with my essence blood along with my soul and mind.

 Then ordered the alchemist old man to collect my essence blood and store is on his body and not the storage ring so that no one would discover that I was still alive.

Before they came to kill the demon god I have already got the information that the leader old man planed to create something out of the last sentient crystal so I planned to absorb the sentient crystal.

But right when I was about to absorb the sentient crystal something unexpected happened to me.

That is one should have his body along with mind and soul in order to absorb the sentient crystal.

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