The P Cultivation System Chapter 26: The Treasure Chest quest

Chapter 26: The Treasure Chest quest

“Player receives 100 quest points for discovering a small treasure and 10 quest points for excavating the treasure naked.

The wooden box is directly stored in the inventory for the players convenience.”

Then Mohini thought

“So it directly stored the wooden treasure box in the inventory.

First cover this hole and check the content of the wooden box later.”

Mohini used the same excavating tools to close the hole that she just dug the hole because of the removal of the box the previously removed soil is not sufficient.

So Mohini thought of a solution that is to make the dog dig some holes around the place to cover up her tracks.

Mohini ordered the dog to do some digging around.

Even though the dog was unconscious due to exhaustion under the control of the controller skill it immediately dragged its body to dig some holes around the dog house and the alley way.

After few minutes the hole dug by Mohini became hard to notice.

Seeing this Mohini went into her room took out a broom to clear of her tracks and then shut the door tight.

She took of some news papers and placed them on the ground so that the soil attached to the wooden box doesn’t fall on the ground.

The box was square in shape that is of 3x3x3 feet size it is made of wood there is a copper lock to the wooden box.

Mohini don’t want to damage the box because she can use it for storing other things and place them in her inventory.

So she decided to use the controller skill on the warden to get the key to the wooden box.

After that she directly went out forgetting to put on her clothes.

This is because she has gone out of her room quite a few times naked so she forgot to wear clothes now.

Also she was excited to see the contents in the wooden box so in the excitement she forgot to put on her clothes.

But when she went into the alley way she saw warden Hari coming towards her and just around 3 rooms away.

This shocked Mohini at the same time warden Hari also shocked seeing Mohini naked.

At this moment Rose who was experienced used the controller skill on warden Hari to lose all his senses and stand there like a statue.

Just after a moment Mohini came back to her senses looking at the stunned warden she was a little horrified.

Then she expressed her gratitude to Rose

“Rose you saved me on time if not I would be labeled as some sort of exhibitionist and sent out of this hostel or to even police station for this incident.”

“Don’t worry we are one you don’t have to thank me like an outsider.

Anyway we are looking for him and he came in front of us on his own so let’s just make him bring the key to the wooden box.”

Rose said.

After that the warden Hari under the influence of controller skill of Rose and Mohini went back to his room to bring the key to the wooden box.

In the mean time Mohini went back to her room running and shut the door with a loud bang.

After entering her room Mohini immediately took a dress and put it on and asked Rose

“Rose can we erase warden Hari’s memories using the controller skill?”

Before Rose can replay the system sent a message saying

“of course you can but the controller skill should reach level 10 to erase the memories of all the people below foundation stage and can control them as the player wishes them to even having l*st with them without them waking from the control of the player.”

This notification shocked Mohini.

While she was in shock she also started thinking her controller skill is only at level 6 and requires around 340 quest points or 3400 experience points to reach level 10 for the controller skill.

But her current balance of quest points is 145 only which can upgrade the controller skill by a level that is to level 7.

While she was in daze of shock and thinking, she heard a knocking sound on the door.

She immediately came back to her senses and slowly opened the door.

Warden Hari stood outside her room with no hint of consciousness in his eyes.

At the same time Mohini observed that warden Hari holding a copper key.

Taking the key from his hand Mohini ordered warden Hari to come in and stand on a side of the room.

After that she walked out of the room into the alley way to see if there is any person in the vicinity that saw warden Hari walk into her room.

But she found no one in the vicinity because it is only 3 pm noon most of them are in their offices and their schools and colleges.

As for the cook Abu was asleep taking his afternoon nap so there in none that saw that warden hair came to her room.

Then she came back into her room closing the door shut.

Almost immediately a notification popped out saying

“New quests are available on the quest assistance page.

The first quest is to get banged by the warden Hari or cook Abu while he is completely conscious and not under the influence of any skill from the player in player’s room.

Completing the quest player will receive 100 quest points.

The second quest is to get banged by the warden Hari or cook Abu while warden Hari and cook Abu are completely conscious and not under the influence of any skill from the player outdoor.

Completing the quest player will receive 250 quest points.

The third quest is to get banged by the warden Hari or cook Abu while warden Hari and cook Abu are completely conscious and not under the influence of any skill from the player in their own room.

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