The P Cultivation System Chapter 24: New skill called keen sense

Chapter 24: New skill called keen sense

After several minutes Rose spoke through mind voice that can only be heard by Mohini and Zen that is connected to the game system

“Zen, just stop liking my slit between my legs and bang it with your thick meat rod.”

Then she spoke to Mohini

“Mohini activate the cultivation technique as he pounds your slit and I will help you arrange the experience points and

The stat points for you to receive through the cultivation process.”

(By Souryourer Fate)

Mohini was a little startled by Rose’s sudden suggestion.

But before she could refute to stop the Rose’s command Zen stopped licking her slit and stood up where his meat rod is facing her slit.

At the very moment Mohini steeled her heart for the coming events and let out a small sigh.

Zen placed his hands on her legs and pulled her a little more closure so that his balls are touching her slit while his meat rod is rubbing her secret cherry.

Zen has stopped for a moment for Mohini to activate her cultivation technique and Rose to activate the point transfer system so that Mohini could receive the points.

After they adjusted themselves Zen holding his 10 inch long meat rod in his hand and started to rub her slit lips to arouse Mohini even more so that her slit become further wet from her slit juices.

“Ahaa” “haa” “haa” “humm”


“Ahaa” “haa” “haa” “humm”

“Pound me harder yessss…..”

“Ahaa” “haa” “haa” “humm”

After the he pushed it inside and started to move in to and fro motion with his meat rod goes in and comes out of Mohini’s slit causing her to moan uncontrollably.

Mohini did not bother to put on a sound proof barrier because even if the others heard her moan they will not come and look for trouble.

This is because none of them consider Mohini as an existing person at all they all think of her as some garbage on the road side.

After an entire hour of being banged by Zen he finally c*mmed in her slit but on the other hand Mohini has a few orgasms.

Then c*m from Zen does not have any sperms in it instead it is filled with energy that slowly passed through her entire body strengthening her.

This energy is the combination of experience points and stat points from Mohini’s extra’s page.

Mohini lay limp on the bed due to exhaustion from being banged but after the energy slowly distributed throughout her body strengthening it.

She became energetic and sat back up in a meditative position that is mentioned in the cultivation technique to incorporate the energy into her body slowly.

 After banging Mohini Zen backed down a little and stood on the side like a motionless statue and waiting for further commands from Mohini or Rose.

The most eye catching thing is that Zen’s meat rod is still on the rise and looked the same as if it is also in attention stance.

After few minutes Mohini slowly opened her eyes and almost immediately a notification popped in front of her startling her a little.

This notification detailed her gains from the previous attempt to transfer the points into her own status.

In the notification everything looked similar to that of a change in status or something like that.


Experience points transferred: 5100

Experience points successfully received: 1500

Experience points lost during the transfer: 3600


Cultivation base: mortal level 15 à mortal level 16


Body: 27 à33

Mind: 19 à25

Soul: 19 à25

Beauty: -99 à-99

Luck: 12 à18


Keen sense skill level 3 added


There will be no loss to stat points while transferring the points there will only be lost in transferring the experience points.

Mohini and Rose were shocked looking at the loss of experience points.

Pondering for a while they found that there are two reasons for the loss they are

First the lack of experience of Mohini in cultivation so she was unable to grasp all the experience points and

The second one is that the previously mentioned loss caused while transferring experience points.

They finally came up with a few solutions.

First is they should steal far more experience points to balance the losses,

Second is Mohini should increase her understanding towards the cultivation technique and use it more freely and

The third is to increase the level of the point transferring device that is Zen’s level should be increased to be precise Zen should be upgraded.

They were also shocked regarding one more things that is the current experience points transfer rate is 85 points per minute while the stat points transfer rate is only 6 points per hour and there will not be any loss in transfer too.

This caused Mohini to be happy then she looked at Zen happily with a smile on her face.

Mohini saw that a new skill is added to her skills list called “keen sense” that is at mortal level 3.

She was curious to see what this skill can do so with a thought a description screen opened saying

“Keen sense can sense the surrounding disturbances using the mind and soul of the user the range of the detection depends on the level of the user.

The level of the skill and the amount of stat points that the user has in soul and mind stats will show the range of the skill.

The current range of the user is 10 meters radius surrounding the user.”

Immediately Rose said

“So this skill is similar to the spirit sense that the cultivators use.”

At the very moment another notification popped out saying

“The user has mistaken this skill is far more advanced than the spirit sense.

This skill can recognize the areas like hidden treasures, enemies, materials and many things……….”

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