The P Cultivation System Chapter 20: round two with the dog part 1

Chapter 20: round two with the dog part 1

“Player has to be banged by 10 different individuals of each of the 10 beast species to complete the quest.

No matter how many times the player is banged by a single beast it will only record one being, onetime and one point.”

Both Rose and Mohini understood what is happening and realized that they would need at least 10 male individuals of each species to complete the quest.

(By Souryourer Fate)

Immediately after that Rose and Mohini set this detail aside and focused on the things that they have to right now that is how to become powerful.

First thing that came into their mind is to increase the level of the skills to at least level 5 so that they will be able to do the quests easily.

Then they opened the skills page to view the levels of the skills that are currently required to do the quests and for special purposes.

Appraisal skill: mortal level 2

Barrier skill: mortal level 3

Steal skill: mortal level 2

Seduction skill: mortal level 1

Mind control skill: mortal level 3

Beast seduction skill: mortal level 3


There are a few more skills that are formed by the nature of Mohini and her daily life routine these are not any special just normal skills that will help her in the day to day life.

So she don’t have to concentrate on them to improve them because they will be improved on their own as her continue to move on in her life.

Both Rose and Mohini racked their brains and came up with some ideas of which skills to be improved and which skills are not needed to be required.

“First of all we require ‘steal’ skill to reach level 5 then ‘mind control’ skill and ‘barrier’ skill to reach level 5”

Mohini said.

“Yes these three skills are essential for us to complete most of the quests.”

Rose said

“Steel skill is at level 2 so in order to upgrade the skill to level 5 we require to use 30+40+50 quest points that is a total 120 quest points.

Mind control skill is at level 3 and also has some experience points after using it on the dog so the quest points we require to use 38+50 quest points that is a total of 88 quest points.

Barrier skill is at level 3 and also has some experience points after using it previously so the quest points we required to use 37+50 quest points that is a total of 87 quest points.

For the three skills in total the amount of quest points required to use are 120+88+87 quest point that is a grand total of 295 quest points.

We already have 415 quest points so it is not a problem. I will upgrade all the skills immediately.”

Saying that Mohini upgraded the three skills using the quest points

After upgrading all the skills Mohini has left with only 120 quest points.

She don’t want to use them right away but suddenly Rose spoke

“Mohini use these remaining 120 points to upgrade steal and mind control skills to level 6 just in case of emergency.”

Listening to Rose’s suggestion Mohini upgraded the steal skill and mind control skill to mortal level 6 so that they can work on all the beings that are below mortal level 60.

This means that Mohini can completely steal or control all the beings below the level 60 that is almost all the beings on earth except for some well trained ones in the military or martial arts.

 This gave a very huge leeway for her to do quests with ease.

Then her attention came to her status page where there are 10 free to use stat points.

After thinking for a while both Mohini and Rose decided to use the free to use stat points on the luck stats.

This decision to increase the luck stats is because there is still a lottery token that can grant quest points to Mohini so they decided to increase their luck stats to reach at least reach 100 stat points.

Rose said

“Mohini let’s try and steal all the things from that dog outside.

There is also a recurring quest saying you will receive 10 quest points for every time there is also some special offers like if you get banged in the day time you will get an extra 5 quest points and

If you were banged in a place where someone can see you banged will get you another 5 points giving you a grand total of 20 points for every time you get banged outdoor busy public place.

With this kind of offer you can gain much more hehehe.”

Mohini nodded her head then she thought of something and asked

“Rose since the steal skill has reached level 6 we can completely steal everything from the dog but what will happen if we take everything from the dog?”

“Well we will see after you steal from the dog”

Rose said.

Mohini rested for few more minutes to restore her used up spirit points after that she went out of the front door naked but before going out of the front door.

She listened carefully to see if there is any one came near the dog to feed it.

After confirming that there is no one outside except for the dog, Mohini came out of the front door naked again.

But this time she did not get any quest points for coming out completely naked.

Then the dog that was looking down eating the spoiled meat given to it by the warden Hari has suddenly looked towards Mohini like it has found feast in front of its eyes.

Mohini slightly shivered because of the look on the dogs face.

Mohini immediately used the controller skill to stop the dog and then set up an illusion and sound proof barrier around.

This is because of the recent upgrade the barrier can last for over 4 hours and block the view of………….

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