The P Cultivation System Chapter 2: Crystal dagger of right size

Chapter 2: Crystal dagger of right size

“You want to insert this rod toy in to my slit then where should I put this sheath.”

She pulled out the sheath in her slit then thought for a while then again shouted

“You want me to put this in my glory back hole,

You are really a glory back hole.

No wonder all the people hate me hahaha.

Since you want me to put this sheath in my glory back hole then I will put it.”

Then she stuck out her glory back towards the sky and started slowly insert the sheath in her glory back hole and finally completely inserted in her glory back hole.

Then her eyes landed on the crystal dagger she took the dagger and started inserting it in her slit.

She had a thought that is

“Why is it not vibrating like before?”

But almost at the same time she felt both the sheath in the glory back hole and the dagger in the slit started vibrating giving a very pleasurable sensation for her.

There is also slight sense of warmth in her slit she felt very happy at that moment.

In her entire life this might be the only time she actually felt this happy.

But soon after there is a strange light came from the dagger in her slit lighting up the entire cave blinding Mohini because of the bright light.

Suddenly she was sobered up and she was in a strange place that looked like a stone hall where 5 middle aged men are discussing something they dressed up like some rich people in the olden days.

Also she was buck naked standing at the center of the hall looking at this being a lady she became a little shy.

While the 5 middle aged men were sitting around a round table and they seemed as if they did not even noticed her.

She started walking towards them to listen what they are talking but soon saw a crystal that is hovering at the center of the table which has black and white lights spiraling around inside the crystal.

Even though she was just a feet away from them they don’t notice her it is like she is some sort of ghost,

She knows she was ugly but one cannot ignore a person that was standing beside them because that person is ugly.

So she became angry a little and wanted to grab the crystal but her hand passed through the crystal and the table.

 She doesn’t panic and started listening to what the middle aged men are speaking so that she would understand what is actually happening.

This is because she has already decided to die so she doesn’t care what happens any more.

Even though she did not understand what language they are speaking but somehow she was able to understand what they are speaking.

“This is the last sentient crystal that is left in this world.

I want you all to use your specializations to create a huge systematic formation with inscriptions to make the person that absorbs this crystal get a system that can assist him to reach highest possible level under the guidance of the systematic instructions given by the formations and inscriptions on the crystal.

I will give you the essence blood of various strong beings of various races so that you can incorporate this into the crystal so that the person that absorbs this crystal will receive that blood line to increase his talent in the cultivation field.

These are the bloodlines I have the 9 clawed golden dragon essence blood, the demon god’s essence blood, the phoenix queen essence blood …….

These are the essence bloods I have incorporate these into the crystal

Then I want to make this crystal into a weapon that looked inconspicuous to others to think of it as a decorative weapon.

From the divination I found that there is one person with my direct blood line left in the mortal realm.

I want to send this to that person that has my original blood line in the mortal realm.

So that after my death this organization can still be rebuilt by that person that comes here at that time he or she will ascend the throne to become the next leader and

Lead this organization to greatness.

This is all I found through the divination.

So as the guardian elders of the organization that excels in the four fields alchemy, formations, crafting and inscriptions.

I request you to create the thing that I ordered for the future of the sect.”

From the conversation Mohini found that the four old men were some sort of cultivators that specialize in formations, alchemy, crafting and inscriptions as for the fifth old man he is some sort of leader of a sect or something.

The dagger that I used as rod toy preciously must be sent to me by these old geezers to someone that has that leader’s blood line.

Suddenly she realized that the dagger came out of nowhere to her suddenly.

Thinking till here there is a thought in her mind that is

“Don’t tell me that I am the one that possess the blood line of that old geezer.”

This look like some novel that I have read previously where main character suddenly finds that the main character is the heir to a powerful person.

Then he receives powers of some sort and a task that he has to do in that world.

Well it is a good imagination but it is still just a story this must be a hallucination caused by some wrong combination of food or drink that I just had.

Well whatever soon everything around her started to brighten until all she could see is white light again.

After a while there is a female figure that appeared in that white place that female person was so hotty beauty…….

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