The P Cultivation System Chapter 19: Curse removal quest

Chapter 19: Curse removal quest

So in order to remove the curse player Mohini should have to be banged by 10 male wild beasts of each of the 10 wild beast species whose blood is used to place the curse.

Those 10 species of the wild beasts are dog, pig, donkey, ox, horse, lion, gorilla, rhinoceros, bear and elephant.”


The first quest progress of curse removal for completing the banging of each species the player will receive 100 quest points,

If the banging is done in the day time the player will receive 150 quest points for completing each species and

If it is done in any busy public place the player will receive 200 quest points for one species.

Number of times banged by dog beast species (1/10)

Number of times banged by pig beast species (0/10)

Number of times banged by donkey beast species (0/10)

Number of times banged by ox beast species (0/10)

Number of times banged by horse beast species (0/10)

Number of times banged by lion beast species (0/10)

Number of times banged by gorilla beast species (0/10)

Number of times banged by rhinoceros beast species (0/10)

Number of times banged by bear beast species (0/10)

Number of times banged by elephant beast species (0/10)

“Special rewards”

Upon perfect completion of the quests player will receive 1000 experience points, 10 beauty stat points and 10 free to use stat points.

If the quest is completed in the broad day light the player will receive 2000 experience points, 20 beauty stat points and 20 free to use seat points and

If the quest is completed in the broad day light and a busy public place the player will receive 3000 experience points, 30 beauty stat points and 30 free to use stat points.

There will be continuation quest after the quest with the increased rewards after the quest is completed.

Seeing this is both Rose and Mohini were shocked. Only after few minutes did they came back to their senses.

Then they both started to read the entire quest again and again to completely digest the details.

While Mohini is burning with rage knowing the cause of her mother was murdered by her close friend Mandara for getting riches.

(By Souryourer Fate)

This new found detail has caused Mohini so angry that she immediately wanted to go and take revenge, but Mohini was stopped by Rose saying

“Mohini killing her is not a punishment for her at all.

Also we don’t have any evidence to prove her crimes, so we should first make a plan then slowly torture her to the point that she will reveal all her evil deeds to the public through her own mouth.

Then we can have our revenge, since I have merged with you completely your mother is my mother too, I too share the revenge with you.

But in order to get the revenge we have to be strong enough.

Remember we have this game system with many skills don’t you think we can have our heartfelt revenge using this game system hehehe.”

Listening to Rose Mohini stopped in her tracks and started thinking.

Listening to what Rose suggested Mohini stopped in her tracks and started to think of various things. After a while Mohini let out a long sigh and said

“Rose what you said is true I was too impulsive after seeing that my mother is murdered I was on rage and wanted to take revenge.

But killing my mother’s murderer directly is far too little of a punishment so let’s plan together to torture that Mandara to the point she wished she was dead.

Also we cannot leave that good for nothing father of mine and the beast shaman that placed the curse on me and my mother.”

“We will get our revenge so don’t worry, where ever your mother is she is always watching over you so don’t feel sad you still have me right.”

Rose said.

“Yes, mother is always there to protect me and I also have you hehe”

Mohini said with some tears in her eyes.

After that Mohini started to look at the list of the tasks that are needed to be done to remove her curse and gain back her beauty.

But as soon as her eyes landed on the list of animals that she needed to be get banged has shocked because there are different species of animals and some of them are ferocious too.

The animal species that shocked her the most is actually the elephant because she doesn’t know how she can fit the fat meat rod of the elephant in her small slit.

Not only that but most of the beast species in the list are not frequently visible in the daily day society outside.

They can only be found in special places like zoos, circus or the forest itself.

Mohini asked Rose

“Rose previously you are a succubus demon right? Have you ever banged by an elephant or any of these wild beasts before?”

Rose giggled and said

“Mohini you don’t have to worry as long as you reach mortal level 50 you will unlock some of the special abilities and skills of the succubus race that are passed to you through our merging.

With those skills you can do many different things hehehe.”

“What are those special skills you spoke off?”

Mohini asked curiously

“You have to see then by yourself. It is a surprise hehehe.”

Rose said while giggling.

Unable to get the answer out of Rose Mohini can only nod her head with a long sigh.

Then their attention shifted to the quest completion list.

There is one point filled in the number of times banged by the dog beast species.

But she was banged by the dog twice once in her glory back hole and once in her slit. But it is only recorded as one point.

This both Mohini and Rose did not understand so with a thought the game system responded to Mohini’s doubt explaining.

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