The P Cultivation System Chapter 18: The curse details and the hot curse removal process

Chapter 18: The curse details and the hot curse removal process

Mohini also noticed that the beauty stat point that is previously -100 has changed to -99 indicating that the curse is removed a little.

She shared her thoughts with Rose and they both started to ponder for a while for what reason did the curse is removed.

Soon after Rose spoke

“I think being banged by the dog is a way to remove the curse or being banged by any one will help you remove the curse.

Any way we can just buy the details of the curse with the 1000 quest points we just earned right?”

Mohini said

“Well what you said is correct we will buy the way and details for the curse removal.

I will see that after I have done with the inspection of all the changes that just happened in the game system.”

Mohini diverted her attention to the remaining details and found that she has received 10 stat points after she has leveled up twice to level 15.

Then below it are the 1415 quest points that she just obtained by completing the quests just now.

After done with checking the status page she next opened the inventory page where there is a new option called

“Extra’s page”

So she immediately opened it


Body: 5

Mind: 2

Soul: 3

Beauty: 5

Luck: 2


Then there is some information below that is

“The other storage featured will open after the player upgrades the steal skill to level 10”

Looking at this Mohini thought of adding these points to her status screen and

Immediately the main status screen of her opened beside the inventory screen with add option beside the stat points in the stat points in the extra’s page of the inventory screen.


Body: 5—ADD

Mind: 2—ADD

Soul: 3—ADD

Beauty: 5—ADD

Luck: 2—ADD


With a thought all the stat points in the extra’s page are added to her main status page making all the points in the extra’s page zero.


Body: 0—ADD

Mind: 0—ADD

Soul: 0—ADD

Beauty: 0—ADD

Luck: 0—ADD


Mohini closed the extra’s page and looked at her main status page to see the added points.


Name   : Mohini, black rose

Age       : 18

Gender: female

Species blood lines: human, demon succubus

Job       : student

Cultivation base: mortal level 15

Title      : ugly women

Status   : cursed (99%)


 Health points: 50/52

Spirit points: 24/44

Stamina points: 26/48


Body      :        27

Mind      :        19

Soul        :        19     

Beauty   :       -99

Luck       :        12


Stat points:     10

Quest points: 1415


Mohini found that all the stats are added except for the beauty stat points that are still -99 this shocked her so she thought of the game system to get an explanation.

Almost immediately a description box opened in front of her saying that

“All the beauty stat points are currently being suppressed by the curse. But the beauty stat points are still there and not been removed completely.

The original stat points can be viewed after the curse is completely removed.”

“So it is like that then let it be then”

Mohini muttered to herself.

Mohini said

“Rose I want to upgrade the steal skill to level 10 so that we can see the new features it will unlock what you say?”

“No, don’t be impulsive before we got the complete information regarding everything.

First of all see the details of the curse then we will plan what to do.”

Rose said

(By Souryourer Fate)

Mohini nodded her head indicating that she understood what Rose is saying.

So she selected the curse to buy the details of the curse and the removal process of the curse.

Immediately a description screen opened saying

“Do you want to buy the details of the curse and the removal process of the curse?

It costs 1000 quest points if you want to buy select ‘yes’ if you don’t want to buy then select ‘no’”

This is all that is written in the description box.

Seeing that it requires 1000 quest points Mohini hesitated a little but finally she spent the 1000 quest points and bought the details and removal process of the curse.

Almost immediately there is a notification saying

“The curse removal will become one of the main quests and the player will receive the rewards completing the quest will you accept.”

Reading this Rose immediately said

“Mohini accept it becoming the main quest.

I think we will get back more than we just spent.”

Mohini immediately accepted the quest without question this is because she is also in the same thought process as Rose.

Immediately after she accepted the quest a quest description page opened in front of her with the quest description saying

“Background story of the curse”

 “The player Mohini and her mother were cursed to become eternally ugly by a beast shaman under the request of player Mohini’s mother’s friend called Mandara.

She poisoned player Mohini’s mother and created the scene to look like she has committed suicide, so that she could marry player Mohini’s father Govind and takeover all their asserts.

She has sedated Govind into having l*st with her and then pointing this as the reason she married Govind.

After that she created various insignificant reasons to make Govind leave player Mohini in an orphanage leaving behind just a bare minimum amount of money for the player Mohini.

Fortunately player Mohini was able to receive asserts that her mother left behind for her in secret without telling Govind.”

“Details of the curse”

“The curse is placed by a beast shaman that at the early foundation establishment stage.

An evil cultivator on earth that specializes in beast based curses.”

“Details of the curse removal”

“The curse is placed on the beauty stats of the player Mohini and her mother using the blood of 10 wild beasts of 10 different species.

So in order to remove the curse player Mohini should have to be banged by 10 male wild beasts of each of the 10 wild beast species……..

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