The P Cultivation System Chapter 17: am I really that ugly? 

Chapter 17: am I really that ugly?

Then she took a bath washing her body carefully using disinfectant to wash of all the filth on her body.

This is including the dog’s c*m in her slit and glory back hole.

After that she dried herself and went to a shelf where there are some medicine that can be applied on the burses and small flesh injuries.

She slowly walked to the bed and sat on it and asked Rose

“Rose, am I really that ugly that no one wanted to even look at my face?”

Rose was a little startled by Mohini’s question and said

“You are as pretty as the flower to be more precise you can be said to be on par with the movie stars in this mortal realm that I saw in your memories.

There is only one problem that is because of the curse there is an illusion like thing created around you that make others unable to look at your true self and coupled with that strange smell of pheromones from you causing all the people to avoid you.

If the person that saw you was more powerful than the person that cursed you he can see you directly without any problem.

If they had a strong light or other holy attributes they might be able to remove your curse too.

Unfortunately there is no one like that in this mortal realm.”

Saying that Rose sighed of helplessness

 Listening to this Mohini became a little happy and confident in herself.

She is also determined to make the lives of the people that cursed her and her mother miserable to the point that they wish that they died.

After coming out of the depressed mood she saw that there are some notifications that are still not viewed by her.

The first notification is regarding the steal skill saying the gains that are stolen from the dog are stored in her inventory within the stolen things page.

The second notification is about the dual cultivation technique called

“Kama sutra”

That she activated before sucking the dog’s meat rod has gained her around 40 experience points.

Then the third notification is again regarding the steal skill that the gains that are stolen from the dog are stored in the inventory within the stolen things page and

Also the steal skill has gained some experience points that are added to it for reaching the level 4.

The fourth notification is regarding the dual cultivation technique again that was activated when the dog is banging her glory back hole.

This has gained her around 100 experience points that in turn increased her level to the next level

That is level 14 from the previous level 13 using the recently gained 40 + 100 that is 140 experience points resulting her reaching the next level. 

The fifth notification is regarding the barrier skill that got 60 experience points for the continuous usage of a complex barrier of protection, illusion and sound proofing in a single barrier.

The sixth notification…..

The seventh notification …..


Mohini saw through all the notifications and summarized them all the results into few points.

The first point is because of the activation of the dual cultivation skill she has reached level 15.

The second point is regarding the skills, the controller skill has received 20 experience points,

The barrier skill received 60 experience points and some other skills also received some experience points.

The skills are a little different they only have 100 levels in the mortal realm and to cross each level the player has to gain experience points 100 times the number of the level.

For example to reach from level 14 to level 15 the player has to gain 100 times of 15 that is 1500 experience points related to the skill or 150 quest points are required because 1 quest point is 10 experience points of the skill.

Also there is one more thing that is 1 quest point is equal to 100 experience points for the increase in the cultivation level of the player.

Then the third point is that Mohini was able to steal some of the stats of the dog and they were stored in the inventory where a new page is created called the

“Extra’s page”

This “extra’s page will not only store the stolen goods but also the intangible things like stat points, experience points and skills that are obtained through quests.

This page does not store physical things like money and other objects they will be stored in the normal inventory page.

Then the fourth point is Mohini was able to complete all the quests from the assistance page obtaining all the quest points that are mentioned.

Other than the quest points she has already spent she currently has 1415 quest points in her possession.

 She wanted to inspect all the things one by one so she first opened her main status page without a thought and began to see all the columns for the changes that just happened.


Name   : Mohini, black rose

Age       : 18

Gender: female

Species blood lines: human, demon succubus

Job       : student

Cultivation base: mortal level 15

Title      : ugly women

Status   : cursed (99%)


 Health points: 50/52

Spirit points: 24/44

Stamina points: 26/48


Body      :        22

Mind      :        17

Soul        :        16     

Beauty   :       -99

Luck       :        10


Stat points:     10

Quest points: 1415


The first change that Mohini noticed is that she has reached mortal level 15.

She just to a leap of 2 levels in just 2 hours this made her extremely happy.

Then she looked at the status area where it indicated that she was cursed but now there is something changed there that is beside cursed status there is 99 percent.

After thinking for a moment Mohini understood that the curse is removed by 1 percent and 99 percent is still remaining.

Mohini also noticed that the beauty stat point that is previously -100 has changed to -99 indicating that the curse……………

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