The P Cultivation System Chapter 16: steamy hot quests with a dog part 2

Chapter 16: steamy hot quests with a dog part 2

The dog has a very pleasurable look on its face and immediately tried to put its meat rod into Mohini’s slit.

On the other hand Mohini started to use the dual cultivation technique along with the steal skill on the dog.

Since there is a slight height difference the dog was unable to put his meat rod into Mohini’s slit.

Understanding this Mohini gathered her strength again and stood on her hands and knees like a dog facing all the alley way where the front doors of all the people are present.

Looking at this pose the dog was so excited that it licked Mohini’s slit twice then stood on her back legs to thrust his meat rod into Mohini’s slit.

But unexpectedly it was inserted into her glory back hole instead of slit.

Mohini who was unprepared let out a loud moan that was happy with pleasure.

After inserting his meat rod into Mohini’s glory back hole the dog started to move back and forth in a rough way increasing the pleasure for Mohini.

The dog placed both of its front legs on Mohini’s back firmly then used its back legs that are on the ground to thrust its meat rod back and forth in the Mohini’s slit with increased speed, increasing the amount of pleasure that Mohini is feeling to the next level causing her to moan nonstop.









“Ahaa” “haa” “haa” “humm”

This has gone on for over 30 minutes then dog released a huge load of hot sticky liquid into Mohini’s glory back hole.

At the same time Mohini also Cuming very hard making her slit very sensitive.

The dog did not rest even after Cuming in her mouth and her glory back hole.

Now it tried to insert its hard meat rod into Mohini’s glory back hole again.

But because of the previous c*m the dog’s meat rod slipped Mohini’s glory back hole.

But it stuck its meat rod into her slit that was very sensitive from Cuming previously.

Because of the sudden thrust of dog’s meat rod in her slit she c*m again causing her to be even more sensitive.

There is some blood dripping from her slit because of the breaking in the hymen in her slit.

Previously she was banged by the huge men in the assessment test but that is a form of illusion so currently she is still a Virgo and that Chastity is taken by this dog.

“No, wait a minute I am still sensit… Ahaa haa”

 The dog doesn’t take Mohini’s words into consideration and stated to move back and forth continuously.

This made Mohini moan increase in sound and her hands and legs went numb with pleasure then she slid on the ground because her hands and legs went limp on the ground.

(By Souryourer Fate)

Even then the dog is still banging Mohini continuously then something unexpected happened that is the warden came out of his apartment opening a door that is at the end of the alley way.

He is a fat man who is around the age 45 years;

His face is like a ball round and he looked kind of strange.

He is called Hari.

The sudden entrance of the warden caused Mohini previous rosy face to became pale as white.

But the immediate thrust of the dog’s meat rod in her slit brought her back into senses.

Her slit suddenly tightened because of fear of being watched by the warden while she is banged by the dog.

This increased the pleasure of the dog causing it to c*m in her slit almost immediately.

The warden Hari started to walk towards Mohini and the dog there are 8 rooms between the warden Hari’s room and her room.

To be precise the start of the alley was the warden’s room while the end of the alley is Mohini’s room.

The dog that just released it’s c*m in Mohini’s slit has its meat rod hardened again this is actually caused by the scent that is being emitted from Mohini.

That is working as the aphrodisiac for the dog to arouse its desire to bang Mohini again and again.

Since she completed the tasks she wanted to go back to her room as fast as possible.

While the warden did not notice her, Mohini commanded the dog to go and sleep in its dog house using the controller skill.

Currently she cannot stand up so in order to hide she rolled into the bushes beside the wall in the alley way as her legs are still limp due to the pounding of the dog.

This is all done within the illusion barrier before the warden Hari crossed the door of the third room.

Then she removed the barrier skill for the entire area and placed it over her body in the bushes.

So that even if the warden was to go see the dog he won’t notice Mohini at the side of the wall covered by bushes.

There are some cuts on Mohini’s body that are caused by the rough l*st and while she was rolling into the bushes.

The warden Hari came to the end of the alley way then saw that the dog is sleeping he put some spoiled meat in the dog feeding cup and left to his room without looking back.

Mohini sighed of relief after resting for a few minutes she slowly stood up and went into her room locked her door then removed all the skills that are active.

Then she took a bath washing her body carefully using disinfectant to wash of all the filth on her body…………

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