The P Cultivation System Chapter 15: steamy hot quests with a dog part 1

Chapter 15: steamy hot quests with a dog part 1

In order to deceive the eyes of all the humans below foundation stage the skill should be at least at level 10.

Mohini don’t know the levels of the people around her but Rose knows the difference in those levels through experience from her entire life.

Rose spoke

“Mohini in this world of normal people these hundred levels are divided.

Let me explain to you the differences first a normal healthy human can reach up to level 50 as maximum in their life time.

This is similar to the ordinary non ferocious wild beasts too.

Then there are trained humans in military, martial arts or some other things can reach up to level 90 as the maximum.

This is similar to the wild ferocious beasts like lions and tigers and some of the trained beasts like hunting hounds.

There are a very small percentage of people that are able to obtain the method to cultivate intuitively from the nature itself causing them to just step into the foundation stage level 1 or also called as early foundation stage.

This is the same to all the legendary beasts that have appeared throughout the histories and mythologies in the cultures of this world.”

The information from Rose enlightened Mohini in the power system and distribution of power of the world.

Mohini asked

“Then, how can we use this skill to do the quests?

I think we have to have the skill to be at least level 3 so that they cannot see us doing that here with the dog.”

Rose spoke

“Don’t worry,

I have an idea to make the skill reach level 3.”

“What is it?

Quickly tell me”

Mohini said impatiently.

“It is simple we still have 10 quest points,

There is a quest that requires you to suck on the dog’s meat rod with your mouth arousing it to c*m right.

If you complete the quest we will get 25+10 that is 35 quest points”

Rose said

“What is it? Quickly tell me”

Mohini said impatiently.

“It is simple we still have 10 quest points, there is a quest that require you to suck on the dog’s meat rod with your mouth arousing it to c*m right.

If you complete the quest we will get 25+10 that is 35 quest points hehe.

With that we will have a total of 45 points and we can spend another 30 points to upgrade the skill to level 3.”

Rose said

“Also the controller skill gives you the special ability to communicate with the beings under your controller skill.

Barrier skill will consume 20 spirit points for every hour of usage.

So with your current amount of spirit points you can maintain the barrier for 2 hours continuously without your interference.”

Rose said

“I will tell you a plan and you follow the plan to complete all the quests successfully.

First suck on the dog’s meat rod to complete a quest,

Then upgrade the barrier skill to level 3 and set up the barrier of illusion and sound proof,

After that activate your cultivation technique

“Kama sutra”

When the dog is banging your slit and glory back hole activate the steal skill when we are in contact with the dog then we get some extras.

Finally don’t forget to enjoy the time having l*st that is helpful for my succubus blood running through your veins.”

Rose said while giggling

Immediately Mohini followed the Rose’s idea and created a simple barrier around her and the dog.

For the people outside it will look like there is only the dog sleeping on the ground.

If their level is a little higher they might notice that the entire thing is an illusionary image, if they observed closely.

At the same time if they were to listen closely they will be able to hear the panting of the dog and the moans of Mohini. (By Souryourer Fate)

In the barrier Mohini removed the controller skill on the dog.

As soon as she released the skill the dog pounced on Mohini licking all over her body.

In the mean time Mohini crawled under the dog till her mouth reached the dog’s meat rod while her slit reached the dog’s licking area.

Then she activated her dual cultivation technique and the steal skill at the same time while she was sucking on the dog’s meat rod.

As she continued to suck on the dog’s meat rod the dog also started to like her slit and secret cherry ferociously causing Mohini to moan even louder.

This because of the pleasure she has completely forgotten about the surrounding world.

After 10 minutes the dog’s meat rod started to bulge a little and sprayed the sticky white liquid on Mohini’s face, breasts and her mouth.

At the same time Mohini also sprayed her love juices from her slit that was still being licked by the dog.

Then a quest completion notification popped out in front of Mohini saying that she received 35 quest points.

Before Mohini could even react Rose used 30 quest points to upgrade the barrier skill.

At the same time the barrier skill upgraded notification popped out in front of Mohini.

Mohini was still a little numb because of pleasure so she was unable to move from that laid down spot.

There are two more notifications that Mohini still needed to see but she put them aside to see later instead wanted to see the quest at hand.

“Mohini upgrade the barrier around to third level so that it can hold for nearly three hours.”

Rose said excitedly.

Mohini who was still numb and laying on the ground gathered her strength then with a single thought and a wave of her hand the barrier around her was upgraded to third level securing her secret. (By Souryourer Fate)

Then she gestured the dog to put his meat rod into her slit, at the same time she also sent her thoughts through the controller skill’s communication ability.

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