The P Cultivation System Chapter 14: skill called barrier

Chapter 14: skill called barrier

“Why are you thanking me?

We are one and the same if it isn’t for gaining more quest points I would not have stopped the dog it has been a long time I have experienced something this rough.

Well after we hide ourselves we will release the control over the dog to let the nature take its course.”

After calming herself down a little, Mohini remembered that Rose just bought some skill using the free skill card so she wanted to open the skills page to see what that skill that stopped the dog.

After opening the skills page there is only one new skill that is called “controller”.

Mohini wanted to know the actual price of the skill and the other details of the skills.

With a thought a description box appeared with the details of the skill called ‘controller’.

“The original cost of the skill is 100 billion. It is peak violet grade skill in the field of controlling.

The specialty of the skill is that it can control anything and everything as long as the skill reached specified levels it has the ability to control many things including elements.

When it reaches the highest level it has the ability to control the destiny itself that is for the user destiny and for the other’s destinies as well.”

This description has shocked Mohini and Rose because this skill is too heaven defying.

There won’t be anything that this skill cannot control in the future.

“Mohini this skill looked tailor made for us. I am looking forward to see this skill reach its peak level.”

Rose said happily.

“Yes it is, you bought a good skill I like it. It is quite useful for us in the way of cultivation.” Mohini said

Then they looked at the skill level it is at level 3 that means that Rose used over 20 quest points to upgrade the skill from level 1 to level 2 and 30 quest points from level 2 to level 3 a total of 50 quest points.

Mohini observed that most of the quest points that she just obtained are spent.

Her quest points previously should be 80 that is through the three quests they are coming out of the front door naked 10 quest points,

The dog licked her slit in the broad day light in front of her front door without any one seeing that is 10+25

That is 35 quest points and the dog licked her glory back hole in the broad day light in front of her front door without any one seeing that is 10+25 that is 35 quest points.

A grand total of 80 quest points were obtained.

In the 80 quest points 50 were spent were spent to upgrade the controller skill to level 3.

This also means that the dog in front of her is over mortal level 20.

This can be said because a level 1 skill can affect someone between the levels 1 and 10.

So if the skill in needed to be at level 3 means that the dog should be between the levels 21 and 30.

Mohini appraised the dog in front of her and found that the dog is at mortal level 28 and the breed of the dog is German shepherd.

Other than that she was unable to get any other information about the dog this is because the appraisal skill Mohini used is only just level 1 and

The higher the difference in level between the skill and the target the lower the information that appraisal can give.

Also I there is no specific information of importance it will not show as well.

Mohini got the information what she needed so now she wanted a skill that can help her hide.

As a game designer that has gone through many novels and comics on cultivation and

Also as a person that knows the human nature she was sure that even if she is beautiful she will be able to keep her life from some cultivators that would go to any lengths to keep their secrets.

That is even killing a beauty to save their treasures and lives.

In front of wealth and a threat to their life most people chose to sacrifice other’s lives for these things. This is the nature of most of the people in the world of cultivation.

So in order to save herself from these kinds of people and also to get their treasures in secret she requires a skill that can hide her or disguise her in the similar ways.

She again opened the system store and started her search through the skills and found the top most skill in this page that is also a violet grade high leveled skill called the


The cost of the skill is similar to the “controller” skill that is a 100 billion points then Mohini thought of wanting to know the details of the skill immediately a description box opened in front of her explaining the skill called the “barrier”.

The skill barrier has many variations like producing a barrier for protection, an illusion barrier to hide, a sound proof barrier to talk secretly and many other types of barriers.

Mohini and Rose both thought that this skill is perfect for them so they decided to use the other free skill card to buy this skill.

They used the skill card with a thought to buy the skill and the skill was bought from the game system store.

After that they opened the skills page in the game system and check the new skill details.

The skill called barrier at level 1 can only produce shields for now and cannot produce the illusion and sound proofing it is needed to be at least level 2 to produce the illusion and sound proofing to deceive the eyes of the people below the level 20.

In order to deceive the eyes of all the humans below foundation stage the skill should be at least………….

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