The P Cultivation System Chapter 13: Skill called controller

Chapter 13: Skill called controller

“I love this system so much you do too right.”

Rose asked Mohini

Mohini nodded her head with a blushed and l*stful expressions mixed in her face and said

“Yes I love this system.

That is the reason I created this system hehehe.”

“But in order for us to get the most points we have to do this without anyone noticing us.

So we have to come up with a solution for that.”

Mohini continued

“We can use some camouflage technique to cover what we are doing visually but we cannot stop the sounds to travel what should we do”

Rose said.

Mohini started to think forgetting that she is standing outside her front door completely naked in front of a dog that is staring at her with l*stful eyes.

After thinking some time Rose said

“Mohini let’s check if we can find any skill in the system store.”

Immediately Mohini’s eyes brightened and with a thought the system store page opened.

Then Mohini thought commanded the system to search for camouflage like skills.

Almost immediately there are bunch of skills like shadow, invisible, conceal, hide.

Upon closure inspection Mohini found that there is a color differentiation in the skills with a thought of the question a notification popped out saying skills are divided into various grades they are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

Where red is being the lowest and violet being the highest.

Every skill after buying starts at the level 1 but the usability and the abilities of the skill. (By Souryourer Fate)

Upon seeing this Mohini used the filter option on the previous search results to see if there are any violet grade skills in it so that she can plan something for the current situation.

After understanding the categorization of the skills in the system store Mohini decided that she only want skills that are at the violet grade as much as possible.

Unless if there is an urgent situation or there is no violet grade skill available of that particular type.

With a thought a filter is applied in the search results short listing only one skill that is barrier skill.

Then she wanted to read the description of the skill but she stopped because the dog that previously staring at her l*stfully is now moving towards slowly with a slight sound from its mouth.

This caused Mohini to frighten a little and her face turned pale.

The dog in front of her is not just a puppy but a meter sized dog of German shepherd breed.

The dog pounced at Mohini pushing her down to the ground while licking her breasts l*stfully.

This sensation numbed Mohini’s body because she never felt this kind of thing and also the fear, anticipation, shyness and helplessness all these emotions mixed in her mind causing her body to go limp and stay on the floor.

The dog licked her boobs for a few moments and continued to move downwards passing through her navel licking her slit and secret cherry.

At this moment Mohini felt like she has reached the heaven of pleasure and happiness.

This caused her mind to go blank that prevented her from thinking.

“Ahaa” “haa” “Ahaa” “haa” “Ahaa” “haa”

Mohini started to moan because of the excessive pleasure.

At this time there is nothing in her mind except for the pleasure she was feeling.

She was moaning so loudly as if she doesn’t care even if someone watched her like this.

Rose on the contrary only being a personality of Mohini was able to resist this pleasure because of her previous experience.

The only though she has now is to help Mohini to avert this disadvantageous situation.

So she collected her will and searched the system for a way to solve this situation.

At this time all she could think of is that she wanted something to control the dog.

Since both Mohini and Rose is a single being the system responded to her thoughts and the skills page checked for a skill that can control.

The results are set in a way that only violet leveled most powerful skills are displayed on the top because of the filters that they added previously.

Mohini was losing her consciousness to the pleasure this is affecting Rose because they both are sharing the same soul, mind and body.

So in this situation she was unable to see the skill’s on the skill’s search page clearly.

All she could do is to buy the top most skill and hope that the quest points she possessed currently would be sufficient. (By Souryourer Fate)

But as soon as she thought of buying the skill there is a notification saying the skill points are not sufficient.

Then she looked at the price of the skill that shocked her because the cost of the skill is 100 billion quest points and the skill name is called


There is a notification saying that

“This skill can be bought using the free skill card would you like to buy if you want select


Option if not select


She doesn’t care much and directly selected the


Option with a thought to buy the skill

Then thought of using the skill to stop the dog but the skill did not work.

All it said is that

“The skill is of low level so it did not work on the dog.

It can work after upgrading the skill.”

Rose was at the verge of losing her mind too so she don’t care and with a thought she spent all the available quest points to upgrade the skill and activated the skill to control the dog to stop its movements.

Immediately the dog stopped and stood in a guarding position like a statue.

After panting for a few minutes Mohini finally gained her senses back and can finally move her numbed body.

She slowly stood up and said

“Thank you Rose”

Rose said

“Why are you thanking me?”

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