The P Cultivation System Chapter 11: steamy assistance page of quests

Chapter 11: steamy assistance page of quests

There are a total of 21 parts and Mohini only owned the first part of the cultivation technique.

Mohini wanted to know the cost of the second part.

So she just clicked on the book with the name second part and a notification popped out saying

“Second part of the cultivation technique called “Kama sutra””.

The cost of buying is 2000 quest points or the user can complete the

“Cultivation method quest”

In the quests page to gain the second part of the book as the reward”

“Let’s see what quest this cultivation method gave to us”

Rose suggested

After checking the system store under the suggestion of Rose, Mohini opened the quest’s page and looked at the quest given by the cultivation technique.

As soon as Mohini opened the quests page she started to blush because there are many quests that showed various pictures of poses that she needed to make to complete the quest.

There are even instructions for every quest that is how to do and what to do to complete a specific quest.

These instructions are like hints for Mohini to do the quests.

Mohini started to blush because of all the naked pictures of man and women doing some things in the instructions of the quest that caused her to blush automatically.

Rose is happily looking at the pictures while giggling all the time.

After careful searching for a moment Mohini found the cultivation technique quest in the main quest section where there is a quest mentioned with all the instructions to complete the quest but to start this quest Mohini  requires a man that cooperate with her but with her current situation that chance of that is zero.

So she put of the thought regarding the quest for now.

After that she closed thought of closing the system screen and it is closed right in front of her.

After that she went to fresh herself up completely then came to sit on the bed to think of a way to start off this cultivation process and level up to the next levels.

After sitting on the bed she asked

“Rose do you have any suggestions to how we can start off this thing and level up?”

“Well at your current situation you will not be able to get a man.

Even using the “seduction” skill but with your current “beast seducer” skill you can easily get some wild beasts to start off.”

Rose suggested.

“I think we need to make a solid plan considering all the options we currently have.”

Mohini suggested.

“Yes we have to make a plan.”

 Rose said seriously


“Bow bow”


“Bow bow”


Suddenly both of them heard dog barking sounds from the outside.

“Max quite down don’t bark at others like that” a middle aged man shouted at the barking dog.

Soon Mohini realized that she was not in her apartment but in a women’s hostel now.

She was still in the high school girl of 18 years old and not a game designer that was 40 years old.

Mohini started to remember the things that she previously forgotten that this hostel has a middle aged man named Hari as the warden, a cook named Abu and a dog named Max for the security in this hostel.

There are around 10 women living in this hostel including her some of them are working, some of them are in college and some of them are in high school just like her. (By Souryourer Fate)

The hostel building is a 3 story building where each floor contains independent rooms.

The hostel is located in slum like area causing it to be a cheap hostel.

Both the warden and the cook are not trust worthy people so Mohini got to rent a room for cheap here.

She doesn’t have to think much about her safety as she was revered as the ugliest thing by all

None wanted to do anything to her this is the reason she was brave enough to stay here also this is the reason for her to be a Virgo even when she was at the age of 40.

She got the room at the ground floor.

The room is right in front of the dog house and in the blind spot of all the other people.

To be precise even if she were to walk out of her room naked there will be no one that could see her at all because her front door faces a different direction than all the other rooms front doors.

All these memories of Mohini were read by Rose and said

“Hey I remember seeing a quest in the system saying walk out of your front door naked in the broad day light.”

Mohini immediately opened up the quest’s page and checked for the quest that Rose mentioned after searching for a few minutes she finally found it.

The quest is

“go out of your front door completely naked in the morning after 9 A.M, reward 10 quest points.”

There are a few more quests like that like they are to roam outside naked in the broad day light, get banged on the road in the middle of the day …..

Mohini who saw this blushed continuously then she closed the quests page and the system screen.

At that time Rose spoke

“Why don’t you go out naked now since it is already past 9 in the morning?

There is also no one present to see you and your room is present in the blind spot too.”

Listening to Rose Mohini mustered up her courage and got off her bed.

Since she was completely immersed herself with the features of the system she forgot to wear any dress.

So she was sitting on the bed completely naked since the assessment test last night.

When she remembered this small thing Mohini started to blush again.

Then she mustered up her courage again under the encouragement of Rose she slowly moved to the front door.

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