The P Cultivation System Chapter 10

Chapter 10: hot cultivation technique ‘Kama sutra’

The only way to obtain these is through special quests and some achievements.

Through quest points slot machine the user can gain from 1 quest point to 9999 quest points.

This item is one time use only and the result depends on the luck stats of the user.

If you want to play the quest point slot machine with this ticked just select the “use” option.

Mohini wanted to try but she controlled her urge to use this ticket now because she knows that her current luck stat is only 1 stat point.

So if she tries her luck now she will most likely lose a lot than gain.  Rose also tactically agreed to this.

Then they looked at the final item that is an old tattered book that is supposively the cultivation method.

Rose asked

“Mohini did you design the cultivation technique too?”

“No, I did not design it. It is something new to me too.

I don’t know much about the cultivation world so I don’t know which technique is suitable for this system.”

Mohini said

“Then the cultivation technique here is given by the sentient crystal that is appropriate for the system right.

Did you put any restrictions for the cultivation technique?”

Rose asked

“What restrictions are you talking about?” Mohini asked with an innocent tone.

“I mean any expectations of you about the technique that you have when you thought of it regarding the system.”

Rose asked

“Yes, I wanted it to be the most powerful cultivation technique in the world but in Per***ted nature.”

Mohini said this with a slight blush on her face.

“Then it must be a dual cultivation technique or something like that.”

Rose said

“Well we will know after you selected the cultivation technique through the description.”

Rose suggested

Mohini immediately thought of selecting the tattered book and a description box popped out saying “this is a cultivation technique called “Kama sutra” which contains the bonding and workings of the world.

This contains many mysteries of the world that is the very foundation of the progression of the world….”

“Is this some sort of a joke who doesn’t know this ‘Kama sutra’ thing it is book on various positions of having l*st and some other stuff how is a cultivation technique?”

Mohini said

Rose said “I think you are mistaken by the name even in the realm I came from there are rumors about a legendary cultivation technique called “Kama sutra”.

It is said that it is based on the nature of the world this technique is formed. Also it is not created by anyone but by the very will of the heaven and earth.”

“What nonsense are you talking about this “Kama sutra” being a cultivation technique?

Don’t kid with me I have previously created many Per***ted games you know so I have already read many things related to these Per***ted books, sutras, scriptures of various religions as reference.”

 Mohini refuted to what Rose said.

Then Rose continued

“You have been gravely mistaken about some things because these special cultivation methods are available in every realm but only a few people can recognize the secret behind the technique,

Also because of the complexity of the technique most of the people take this as some trash evil method to enjoy l*st and all.

Also even in the upper realms only the first part of this cultivation technique is available there is supposively many parts in it that is unknown even to the wisest cultivator.

So don’t take this as a small thing if the sentient crystal really gave you the complete method of this cultivation technique this means you really hit a jackpot.”

Mohini nodded her head indicating that she understood what Rose meant.

Then with a thought Mohini selected the “use” option on the book then another notification showed up saying

“That the contents of the book will directly enter the user’s mind and will be imprinted in user’s mind.

The book will perish completely if it is ok the user selects “accept” and if the user wanted to stop the use of the cultivation method select “reject” option.”

Just select accept it is not a problem to have this cultivation method imprint directly into our mind.

Right after Mohini thought of selecting the accept option creating a bright glow then many Sanskrit letters came out of the light screen and started to enter Mohini’s mind.

After few minutes the bright glow stopped and the tattered book image in the inventory space vanished completely.

Under Rose’s guidance Mohini sat on the bed crossed legs and started to observe the cultivation technique.

Soon they were disappointed to find out that this book is only the first part of the complete cultivation method and a notification appeared saying

“This is the first part of the cultivation technique called “Kama sutra” the later parts of the book is available in the system store for the user to buy using the quest points and

Can also obtain the other parts of the cultivation method by completing the quests that are related to the cultivation method.”

Mohini immediately opened the system store to check the other parts of the cultivation method in the system store. (By Souryourer Fate)

There is a search option in the system store so it is relatively easy to check through the system store instead of scrolling and checking one by one in the system store.

Mohini put on the words “Kama sutra” into the search column of the system store through her mind and selected search.

Almost immediately a book symbol that has the name “Kama sutra” appeared on the search results page upon selection that a series of 21 books appeared in front of Mohini and the first book has “owned” written on it.

This book that has


Written on it is the first part of the

“Kama sutra”

Cultivation technique that Mohini just used

There are a total of 21 parts and Mohini only owned the first part of the cultivation technique.

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