The P Cultivation System Chapter 1: The beginning as an ugly person

Chapter 1: The beginning as an ugly person

“Hey that old hag is going out”

“That smelly monster is going”

“Yak! So ugly”

“She is smelly too”

“These words are around my entire life they even say them today even though today is my birthday sigh!

I am called Mohini the name that never suit me, I am turning 40 today.

I work as a freelance game designer for Per***ted games. I can’t work in the office directly because

 I look ugly,

 I smell bad and

Even my voice is horrible that they don’t want me in their office.

My mother died when I was just 4 year old and my father abandoned me in an orphanage with a bare minimum asset to support me.

Even there all the children there avoided me later in the school I was bullied continuously because I have no support even from teachers.

When I scored the highest in the class no teacher ever praised me but they said just a single word that is “good” to me.

“After schooling I studied in private from a rented dorm in the cheap area to get the game designing degree.

Even though I got the degree I never got a job so I started to work for some Per***ted game designing companies as a freelance worker to support myself.”

“Since today is my birthday I want to buy a cake and my favorite food to celebrate my birthday,

Of course there is no one to celebrate but me.

I am going to a secluded area near the beach where no one will visit at all then she slowly took her bicycle she owns to travel to the location.”

Soon she reached near the beach area she started peddling along the road beside the beach after a while she reached a spot that the road ends and there is a small way between thick forest area with tall trees.

Mohini slowly peddled her bicycle through a small area that is used for walking through the forest.

She finally reached the area with a sea view that is her destination there is a mountain and a cave near the sea where there are giant flat smooth rocks.

Mohini slowly got off the bicycle and started walking towards the cave she set up the cake and the food items on the flat rock put the candles on the cake and lit them then she made a wish that

“Everything should change”

Then blew the candles

Right at that moment suddenly a light flashed and something flew into the cave hitting a cave wall then fell down near Mohini.

Because of the sudden incident Mohini was startled and started screaming only after a few minutes did she calmed herself to look at the thing that just came inside the cave.

She went to see the thing that was near the cave wall

“What is this it looked like a sheathed dagger?”

Then she took the thing into her hands to look

“It looks round and does not have a an edge, let’s take a look”

Saying that she tried to remove the sheath of the dagger but was unable to pull it out after trying for some time she gave up on removing the sheath.

She then muttered

“Since I wanted to die today after celebrating my birthday this might be a gift from heavens saying it is better for you to die.”

Along with the food she bought a poison bottle that has a special poison.

The specialty of the poison is it will induce sleep to the person who consumes it then kills then in their death without pain also this poison is tasteless, odorless and colorless.

She mixed the poison in vodka that she brought along to drink at the end.

She put the ancient looking sheathed dagger beside the cake then started to cut the cake and eat it.

Then she opened the vodka bottle and started drinking after a little while she was completely drunk and started cursing gods, her father and all the people that looked down on her.

She saw the dagger that was present beside the vodka bottle she immediately thought of something and started shouting that

“Since there is no one in this world that loves me I am still a Virgo, today I have decided to die and I don’t want to die a Virgo.

I will use this dagger given to me to sacrifice my Chastity to you the heartless god to get a better life if I had a next life.”

Shouting that she stripped herself then naked took the dagger and started masturbating similar the Per***ted games she designed and the Per***ted videos she saw previously.

She slowly inserted the sheathed dagger into her slit soon her hymen was pierced by the dagger and her Virgo blood came into contact with the sheath of the dagger.


Suddenly the dagger started to vibrate creating some extremely pleasurable sensation to Mohini in her slit.

While she was enjoying moving the dagger in and out of her slit but suddenly the sheath was stuck in her slit and the dagger came out of the sheath.

Previously when Mohini’s Virgo blood came into contact with the sheathed dagger and

The origin yin energy in her Virgo slit helped her to claim the ownership of the sheathed dagger.

Since the dagger was unsheathed suddenly she was shocked and looked at the dagger that was unsheathed.

Because the dagger was a little strange it looked like it is made out of crystal that is both black and white spiraling in the dagger also there are some strange marks inscribed on the dagger.

But in the eyes of Mohini that was completely drunk this round shaped dagger looked like a rod toy,

Then she started shouting facing the sky

“You want to insert this rod toy in to my slit then where should I put this sheath.”

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